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April 19, 2011


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when i decided to leave a high paying position in M&A (where measurable results were easy) for a slower, easier (but stable) internal audit job, the challenge for everyone was always proving worth/value/measurables as part of a cost center. i am sure many professionals in such positions (i.e. risk management, regulatory compliance, internal audit, legal) face the same struggles on an ongoing basis.

Avoid fear in getting rejection when asking for an increase , also be reasonable as well many times you can negotiate and could get a little something more per hour best of luck worked for me

I asked for a promotion for 2 years. With records of everything I had accomplished. I was always given the run around. I tried seeking out new positions within the company but got shut out because my "grade level wasn't high enough", even though I was qualified. So I switched companies, for a 15% raise. :)

My fiance got a "raise" during the recession partly by picking the right employer. Make sure you are what employers need and negotiate when you are hired. Continue improving and bring in the money (or save money) for the company. My fiance is working on a grant (on his own time) that would pay his salary as well as give him an increase.

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