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April 09, 2011


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Again....golden coins, not gold coins.
some might be confused, LoL.

I bought a box of them and since I rarely buy small items, I think they'll last me quite a while. So far I've used them for the occasional DQ Blizzard in the drive-thru.

Until the government does away with the penny (freeing up a spot in the cash drawer), the dollar coin isn't going anywhere. Retailers are tossing them under the drawer divider 'til the end of the day when they make their bank deposit. The same problem with the $2 bill. Until they eliminate the $1 bill, there isn't room for the $2 bill in the drawer.

FMF, I have not heard of this at all! Wow, I can't believe I have missed your posts about this / hearing about it. Sooooo cool. One of my favorite things about traveling is using coins (Europe, England, Canada), I always wish America would do this more. I loved just tossing euros around instead of bills, so much easier and cleaner. I seriously am going to pick up one of those $250 rolls, you better get ready for some competition in other cities. Ah I can't wait to use these in pubs...

We often use them when we are on vacation. We use them for tips to airport baggage handlers, in hotels for maids, on tour buses, and dining out (since we don't eat out much at home). People seem surprised and pleased to receive them. I also use them for small purchases. Our Grandchildren really like them when we give them for gifts.

I use them in the soda and snack vending machines at work (Federal Building), as tips for maids, airline porters etc and to pay parking fees occasionally at a garage where they don't take credit cards. I also use them to pay for membership in the Water Club at work (about $4 per month) and to pay into the work group lottery when we decided to buy some tickets together. I keep several rolls at home for emergencies along with some other cash bills in case of some disaster where electricity might go out for an extended time and cash and change might be needed.

I carry at least four of them with me at all times. All transactions under $5 are paid via coin. I get my 2% back since I purchased them with a credit card; the retailer doesn't pay an unreasonable transaction fee on a small purchase. Sounds like a win-win for me. The pool opens in a little more than a month--the coins can go into my son's bathing suit pocket so he can easily hop out of the pool and buy his own ice cream when the truck comes around (try doing that with bills).

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