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April 03, 2011


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I am really enjoying Dan Miller's free podcast "48 Days". You can find it in the iTune's store. Dan's focus is career coaching. He is uplifting and gives answers to people's questions regarding their best options for work. As FMF says, Your Job is Your Most Valuable Asset. Dan comes from a Christian world view, is trustworthy, and has a good voice.

You must have a quiet mower... Can't listen to much when mowing other than the sound of engine!


I wear ear protection, which blocks out most of the mower's noise.

May I suggest also Crown Financial Ministries new podcasts... it's once a week on mondays... after all through them that I have found your blog about a couple of years ago...

Dave Ramsey, Ray Lucia, and Clark Howard podcasts are available for free (with minimal commercials) on Stitcher Radio (free App).

Disclaimer... above may only be applicable for iphone; not sure about mp3 player only.

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