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May 24, 2011


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Since you dontated to health charities....I wonder if you know of any charities that are doing something to figure out how to bring down health care costs???? I've got nothing against the charities you donated to...but I think there's too much emphasis on treating disease instead of preventing it, which is a big reason why health care costs in the US are so high even though we don't have the healthiest population.


When my son was an infant, he was diagnosed with a hole in his heart. He didn't get that hole because he was overweight (if anything he was underweight). He didn't get that hole because his diet was bad (he was breastfed). He didn't get that hole because we are smokers (never touched the stuff). My wife didn't drink while pregnant. We always put him to bed on his back. We always put him in a infant seat while he was in the car. We had our home tested for lead paint. We did all of the "right" things that you can do in order to prevent something bad from happening, and yet there was the hole. You can say it was genetics. You can say it was God's will. You can say it was just dumb luck. Whatever your beliefs, there it was despite our best efforts.

However, thanks to medical research, a great surgeon, and a wonderful children's hospital (Morgan Stanley Childrens' Hospital in NYC), they were able to patch the hole and today you wouldn't even know that he was any different from any other boy. My point is that you could have donated billions of dollars for whatever "prevention" charity you wanted to, but it wasn't going to make the hole in my son's heart magically go away. Yes there is a place for education and prevention, but there is also a place for treatment as well because not everything can be prevented despite our best efforts.


I definitely think Marlee should have won. John Rich made two fatal mistakes on his final task while Marlee didn't make any. By my scoring, that was a victory for Marlee.


I think you can make a case (rather easily) that Marlee won the event but John won the packaging and commercial on the last assignment. Since he won two of three, he's the winner of the whole thing.

He also had a stronger performance throughout the season IMO.

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