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May 08, 2011


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To your sound advice of having your own house in order first, I would add "only seek that type of role once you are giving of your resources.". Giving should be the first way to get involved, and giving changes your perspective on how the church's finances should be handled.


I like those ideas.
1. Getting involved with handling the Church's money and administration.
2. Learning and teaching about handling [my] money God's way.
3. Getting involved with the Church's benevolence or missions groups.

Someone should be getting involved with ensuring the food pantry is stocked, serving weekly free meals, or making sure the congregation knows about the latest missions sponsorships. I think serving in those capacities help individually and corporately. Those involved receive reminders of how good they have it and to remain humble (financially) and grateful to God's grace in their lives. In addition, those involved help ensure as a Church we maintain our focus on helping "the least of these" who struggle through this life financially.

Keep up the good work,

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