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May 05, 2011


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While this is a nice story, I find humor in the irony - you "made friends" with someone who's name you don't know and you'd likely not even recognize if you saw him on the street next week. On the other hand, if the store owner or manager happened to see this exchange, he may not be as pleased! And you see him every month! :)

Yes, if I have a coupon I'm not using and I see someone else who could, I'll pass it along. I've done it in the grocery store, I've also done it at places like Bed, Bath & Beyond - I always have a stash of coupons for that store.

I actually do this same thing with Redbox movie codes as many of them can be used more than once. I just turn and hand it to the person behind me in line.

Yes. I've also done it at Bed Bath and Beyond and twice at Safeway when I had 10% off entire purchase coupons that expired Christmas eve, I handed one to a man with a full basket of food and two young children in tow, and the other to an elderly couple.

The BB&B coupons seem to multiply like rabbits, so it is easy to hand them out when I see someone in line with me who is making a large purchase.

@ Jonathan, maybe you are too cynical. These are called "random acts of kindness". If the manager got upset perhaps I wouldn't want to shop there. (And, why should he get upset? The coupons are a marketing tool, I don't think her/his performace is rated negatively on the use of coupons.)

I do this all the time with coupons at the grocery store. If I decide to not use the coupon or that I don't want the product I just leave the coupon next to the items in the store. I've found quite a few coupons this way too.

I've never printed off extra copies of a coupon to hand out...hmm maybe I will next time. If I have a coupon for something I am not going to buy I will sometimes put it with the product in the store so someone who is going to buy it can save the money. (I'm in Canada so coupons here are pretty rare).

We receive two copies of the Sunday paper so I usually have two Michael's coupons and two JoAnns coupons each week. Both stores accept competitors coupons. I often give away an extra coupon when I'm in line at Michaels. I have also share coupons for dishwashing detergent in line at Wal-Mart, the coupon covered the cost of the item.

I like to give $10 off coupons that I get in the mail to go along with a gift card; just did that recently when I gave a JcP gift card to my mom.

I am a cashier at a home improvement store: and I have randomly given coupons (ones I receive by mail)to customers $10.00 off $50.00 purchase. Just my way of helping someone........

When we get redbox, I'll look up promo codes ahead of time. I'll usually write down 10 or 15 since they don't always work at all locations. After I use the code, I leave the list on the redbox kiosk for the next person.

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