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June 25, 2011


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Great place to pick up card for any occasion. I have picked up plastic table cloths, some disposable items like bowls and things for prarties.

But I agree that 99% of the stuff is junk. I would prefer to shop target owr walmart.

For my pound stores are great (I live in the UK). I tend to buy brand shampoo and conditioner there, and have occasionally bought unexpected things (a new case for my camera, some sweets), you do have to be careful with some things but if you buy the right stuff you save a lot, it's just if you spend all the savings on junk, or worse, more than your savings, that you lose out.

I would do as you would do, picture frames sounds safe.

I don't buy toys there because I don't trust the plastic used. I think the plastic could have residue on it that would make it very unhealthy for kids (just my take though, no evidence)...

I also don't buy any silverware like spoons there either!

As with any store like these or Costco, knowing prices and how to buy can save you a lot of money.
I had a haul there that were things for my workshop. Safety goggles, sandpaper, a few other items. Added up, it would have cost 4X at Home Depot. More than that, a round trip to HD is $4 in gas, so stopping in a Dollar store that I'm passing can feel "free" if I find one or two items I know I'll need.

We buy very little at dollar stores. Between the quality and the amount of unnecessary items they carry we don't stop there often. I do sometimes buy greeting cards ($.50 at Dollar Tree).

Bought toothpaste there once and we all ended up w/sores in our mouths, so don't trust the ingredients; do like party/holiday supplies and greeting cards, though.

We definitely stay away from Dollar Stores. The items are typically less than stellar quality and we always end up with the "It's only a dollar so we can buy a lot" mentality, and leave the store spending a lt more than we ever intended. For our time and money, the dollar stores are NOT a good idea.

I'm judicious in how I use the Dollar Tree. I buy "theater sized" candy for my Spree-loving husband, greeting cards for sure, wrapping paper/gift bags and the like. I've found it's also great for coloring books and workbooks for the kids. Our Wal-Mart is a bit of a drive, so Dollar Tree has the best value on those paper goods. You can get mylar and regular balloons at ours, which is nice for a party. I hear from the fertility boards I frequent that pregnancy tests there work fine, but so far, I haven't tried one.

I stay away from the food, unless it is a name brand I like; for example, I got boxes of Fiber One granola bars last time I went. Not bad for $1!

We shop occasionally, but use the same rules as we would elsewhere. Is this an item that would really enrich our lives? For what time period? Is the quality good enough?

Our favorite dollar store purchases are small baskets around Easter for storage of washcloths, summer water toys that likely would not have lasted the season anyway and I found a really nice pair of kid's Fiskar scissors that you can customize with a name. The button cell batteries at ours are the same brand (Energizer) as everywhere else and would be a good buy.

I pretty much only buy office supplies and cards. Got $1 super glue, glue gun, and large envelopes; each would cost >$5 at Office Depot. But I only go when I'm in the area and have a shopping list.

If it goes on or in the body, I don't even trust the brand-name products there, as they may be knock-offs or rejects. Holly mentioned toothpaste. Over the past several year were numerous articles about toothpaste made in China that contained diethylene glycol (antifreeze). Most sold in dollar -type stores. (google "toxic tooth paste made in China")

Shopping at dollar stores is a great way to build a home emergency kit. You just have to be careful that you buy stuff that will actuall work if disaster strikes (test it out before hand). Other than that, I love sifting through the bargin DVD bins to find some great movies on the cheap.

Greeting cards or pictures frame are about the only thing I'd purchase. I've also picked up a cheap vase or lawn decorations before too.

I wouldn't purchase food or makeup or anything that goes in or on my body though.

I go there to buy things like empty spray bottles for my cleaners, wrapping supplies and stickers for the kids. Nothing that I intend to keep for long, or I feel is worth spending money on.

Gift bags (even the huge ones) are a fantastic deal at Dollar Tree, along with greeting cards. Party invitations in an 8 or 10-pack, ditto. The mylar balloons for $1 would cost me at least $5 at Price Chopper. I do purchase some shampoo, conditioner, and toothpaste there, also. Food is not typically a good deal, and I avoid cleaning supplies, too. For my mother's 80th birthday party (which, as it turns out, was her last birthday), we found a tiara, a glitzy necklace with matching ring, a birthday banner for her room at the nursing home, bottles of bubbles, horns, and of course the mylar balloons which we tied to her wheelchair for the parade across the street to the restaurant. She was never inside a Dollar Tree herself, but she had more fun with all the trinkets we got for her big day! I am a fan, but as with Sam's or Costco or any other store, you have to know your prices, and be selective.

Dollar stores are just like shopping anywhere else, buyer beware.

Cosmetics and toothpaste can be had in brand names at Dollar Tree. Their toothbrushes are fine. I've also found their furniture polish and cleaning liquids (for floor) to be good. Even the watch batteries at 8 or 10 in a package have worked as long as brand names. I might find a couple in a package don't work, but at that price who cares.

I love Dollar Tree. I use it as often as I am near one. I buy bottles, shampoos, toothbrushes, toothpaste, books, candy, candles, and my favorite, the 13 gal trash bags with handles. I do now buy some food - name brand - that I have seen recommended on other frugal sites.

And it was great when I worked. Each year I gave about 65-100 Christmas gifts. I would get a new container each year and fill it with silly little trinkets. One year I got our doctors the small cars that were BMW, Rolls Royce, Cadillac, etc. It was the thought that counted.

My only advice - take advantage of all the savings you can, just be judicious in what you buy.

Tissue paper is an absolute steal at the dollar store. If you do any gift wrapping that involves this, a trip to the dollar store is worth it for sure.

We had a dollar store and a Walmart in the same shopping center together in the last town we lived in and found that the Walmart consistently beat dollar store prices by at least a couple cents for the vast majority of items we were looking to buy. It basically wasn't worth the effort to got to both.

Lot's of chinese crap is at the dollar store.

Some of the stuffs are real cheap at the dollar store. However, we have to judicious on what we are buying. Sometimes the local grocers carry more discount than the dollar store. I agree with the post with respect to lamp. I had a very bad experience. I was looking for some decoration lighting and ended up wasting my money. Instead of buying those lamps, I could have bought chandeliers.

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