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June 08, 2011


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I also think this scenario is a great reason to be involved in professional organizations and such so you always have a variety of references to choose from. I know people that are so well known within their 'professional community' that they would have no problem finding references. If you do a good job and get yourself out there, then finding references shouldn't be a problem.

Okay, this post is great but makes me feel just a little stupid. I also didn't know how to work this properly, but I hadn't thought about using current colleagues. I think "duh" is what I am feeling right now, lol. Hopefully it won't matter since I'll be working from home soon, but it is always good to learn, thanks!

I always have a question how do you sure your contact information is still current after like three or five years? When I was in my last year of school, I asked some professors writing me a reference letter just in case. Who knows if they would still be teaching in this school when I needed a reference five years later? Or could they still remember what I did if I asked them after five years? Same for past bosses.

Fortunately I don't need to use a reference so far but I have a few managers/senior colleagues told me that they would be happy to be my reference if I needed one. So, I have one of them giving me a Recommendation on my Linkedin. However, two professors who gave me a writing reference letter didn't response my recommendations request from Linkedin. I think I should just glad that at least I've got a hard copy reference from them.

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