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June 02, 2011


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I get a 12% discount because my employer has there company cell plan through verizon even though I do not have a company cell phone. Not sure of all the detail requirements but work lookiing into. Especially since I have 5 phone on my account.

Same thing is true with your college. I got my Verizon discount because I was a student at The University of Texas and I graduated in 2008.

At my school district we can get 15% discount from AT&T/T-Mobile and 17% discount from Verizon. We can also get Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2011 for $9.95 (downloadable version; a back-up disk is an additional $12).

* Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010, not 2011. Sorry...

Yes, this is true! I'm a Federal Employee and receive 15% off my sprint bill each month. I just mentioned it on the phone and they didn't even question it!

This is great information. I love that people in the military can get a discount, and I wish it was greater than 15 percent!

I work for a large company, and they have a number of deals like this.

Many large employers have a discount as well.

But the best way to save money is to go with a no-contract plan that's way cheaper than any of the "big boys".

Is this 15% off deal only for contract plans or for prepaid too?

AT&T also gives a 10% (or is it 15%?) discount for union members. Yay unions!

What do I need to do? I just called AT&T and they told me I have to be a current employee. I was in the military back in the 90's. They wouldn't give me the discount.

My husband has been trying to get this deal for 4 months and each month he has to call and 'remind' them to apply the discount. Last month he received an add'l $25 credit to his account for the hassle that he has had to put up with.

And AGAIN, this month's bill did not reflect the full credit!!

Does anyone know if the discount applies to the entire bill (we have 4 phones) or just to the individual employee's share of the plan?

We had just discovered this discount as well and we have had cell phone plans since 1999. I hate to think of all of the savings lost.

rdub98 --

Try calling again -- and get a new service rep?

You may also want to read this:

Doing a bit of Googling it looks like there's a debate on whether past employees get the discount or not (current ones do.)

I'll also email the original reader and see what he suggests...

I am the originator of this posting. I looked up the actual law and did a word search on "federal", "employee" and "discount", and failed to find any required discount for federal employees (either current or past). Looks like I may have been suckered into an urban legend, which after a bit of googling, appears to be rampant on the internet. But at least AT&T seems to have accepted my discount request. It didn't hurt to ask. We'll see if the discount actually appears on my next bill.

I think that's just the issue -- the discount isn't required for past employees (from the comments above, looks like current ones get it). And it appears that different carriers may be treating it differently. I'd say you should always ask, and if refused, call again for a different rep to see if he/she will give it to you.

Urban legend.

I just called T Mobile, the agreement they have DOES include PAST and current Federal employees! But, In my case, having just a $39.99 "plan" w/o a contract (though I've been a customer for years) the 15% applies ONLY on "fees for additional services" such as my plan includes unlimited texting for $10 (though it is bundled into the overall plan), so the discount was $1.50 (plus the taxes saved, so almost $2~ a month counts!)...I'f you call and are turned down ask for a supervisor or call back! I'm retired USAF so I was "in"...

I didn't know about this either. I think these things are kept hidden for a purpose by telephone companies. They just want to give the discounts to people who ask for it.

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