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June 22, 2011


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I completely agree that companies with great customer service will want to make it right. I purchased a used laptop last year and after I got it home, I was somewhat disappointed that the condition wasn't as good as I'd hoped it would be. It wasn't enough that I wanted to call the manager, but I did fill out the post-purchase survey they sent to me and commented there. Their customer service manager called me a couple days later and offered to do a swap for one in better condition. I was very impressed with their dedication to customer satisfaction.

I love that game!!! Curious as to which movie the objectionable preview was for, though.

I also make it a point to compliment excellent service and have occasionally gotten freebies that way as well.

Though I personally think the freebies from businesses can sometimes be a bit unnecssary, I do like when they take the complaints seriously and make the next customer's experience better. I think it's great that she spoke up, and great that they genuinely listened and took action. Nice to see that they seemed to get that there are certain things that shouldn't be shown with kids watching. Good story.

By the way, I'm with you in being surprised at their ability to change/alter what previews are shown. I too would have thought that would have been more of a corporate decision.

That's a great story! I think the other thing that's important is that how you say it matters. If you go into attack mode, they may feel like you're complaining just trying to get free stuff, they can smell that a mile away. But if you just state your concerns without attacking the theater or employees personally, you'll get a lot further.

Agreed with the last post by mysticaltyger. My wife has the art of being able to complain and get something out of it. ( sounds like FMF wife) While I do not have that art and come off as someone who is grinding an ax.

For future reference, the MPAA changed how they rate trailers a couple of years ago. Before 2009 or so, a green band trailer meant that the trailer met MPAA limitations on language, graphic sex/violence, etc and was approved "for all audiences".

Now, a green band trailer means that the previews will be appropriate based on the movie you're about to watch. That's a pretty big difference.

Glad to hear the outcome was positive. I am curious what movie theatre chain?

Nicole --

Celebration Cinemas.

Happen to know what the movie preview was for? I want to be sure and see it.

ParatrooperJJ --

No, I don't recall what movie it was for.

Thanks, that is good press for Celebration Cinemas.


I could be wrong, but I saw Bad Teacher this weekend and I'm betting it was that.

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