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June 14, 2011


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I had a debate with a coworker regarding listing the High School. His take was that because he went to a private exclusive high school it can only benefit him (re: possible alumni, etc.) to have it listed - my take is if i am looking at resumes I don't want to see someone's high school if they have a college degree, because it is irrelevant.

I have long dropped the objective from my resume - and I'm at 2 pages (which kills me) but I couldn't figure out how to consolidate it more.

To the point of the commenter above, Sarah, I agree that listing one's high school is generally irrelevant. I see this often on Linkedin, where people with advanced degrees show their high school. Stick with undergrad as the lowest level of education shown, even if it's the only level shown - which might be the case for many/most folks in general.

I'd also add, cleanup your FB profile if you are job hunting. An increasing number of companies are looking at your social profile before hiring.

When we recruit at work we look at employment history more than anything else. Need 2 years minimum in one job. It's surprising how many people only work 3-6 months in a job and than leave

Moneycone (and others)

I don't have a FB profile, and never have. I've also never had a Myspace account, or any other kind of social networking web account. For me, there is nothing to clean up. I'm not a technophobe, it's just that I like my privacy. My last name (one of the common 'J' names) renders me practically ungoogle-able. There are 4 people with my first/last name combination working for my company, and 6 working for the government agency I contract for. In short, when a company goes looking for my social profile, they are almost certainly going to come up empty-handed.

My question is, will that be a negative for me if I'm looking for a job? Will they assume I've got something to hide, and therefore that I've completely scrubbed my online presence, or will they accept that some people just don't have much of an online presence? Does it actively hurt my job prospects to lack this information for companies to dig into?

I used to have this but recently took it out (though I haven't been actively looking, I do keep my resume up to date). You also hear that you're supposed to keep resumes short, and I'd rather list accomplishments, certifications, experience information, etc all of which I think will do more for landing a potential job.

MattJ - if you're concerned about you lack of online presence, get a LinkedIn page. It's a good way to network with other professionals. I'm a recruiter and I often search for my potential candidates there. I have never viewed someone negatively for not having a social networking presence (I'm not on Facebook or MySpace either!)

Regarding the above tips, while I agree you have to be careful with what personal information you share, I would recommend including the city where you live, or perhaps the nearest large city. Many of my clients have immediate needs, so I'm not always open to candidates that would need to relocate. And when I'm short on time, I'm not going to call you just to find out where you live unless you're exactly what I'm looking for.
In regards to length, I don't mind a long resume - as long as all that information is RELEVANT. (and the resume should be well formatted and easy to read ON A COMPUTER SCREEN) You should tweak your resume a bit for every job you apply to - that way you can include the information that truly matters. If you have 10 certifications that will directly apply to my open position, please tell me! But I don't care where you went to high school - ever! :-)

@Sarah- I came from private school but High school in the resume is not also important to me as long as you have a college degree. It really doesn't matter if you came from private or public as long as your college TOR is enough to prove your worthiness for the job.

Interesting about not including the home address- I'll have to consider that.


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