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June 09, 2011


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Does Wheel of Fortune count?

Till Debt Do Us Part is a guilty also helps me come up with blog post topics, lol. :-)

Some TV shows provide help. I think that financial management skills should be part of the public schools curriculum at all grade levels.

Maybe once a week I'll watch "Real Money with Jim Cramer". While a lot of it is just silly, I do enjoy the "Am I diversified" and the CEO guests that sometimes come on the show.

The CEO guests are especially great because I don't I wouldn't ever have exposure to such personalities.

That said, I don't follow his picks anymore... Nobody really knows where stocks will go (except maybe Buffett).

On a personal note we do not turn TV when kid is not in the bed. 30 minutes in the morning, when I am cooking breakfast, that is it.

I am a great believer that one of the great booster on your way to financial independence is to do things, rather watch other people doing them.

My son loves shark tank. This is good seeing that he is going into Industrial and Entrepreneurial engineering. A dual degree of engineering and business.

Shark Tank also shows the perils of being to stubborn and too in love with your original idea to see the bigger picture (patents, licensing, and branding). Why struggle to make money with your own idea when there are companies who will make money for you?

A new show premiered on CNBC this week which was interesting. I believe it was called "Everybody's Business". It features famed CEO Jack Welch consulting large corporations. This week was the first week and he was consulting with Hertz rental car regarding a new venture they were pursuing.

I watch Shark Tank (favorite show on TV now) and watched the apprentice. Great shows and excellent business tidbits.

Suze Orman, Clark Howard and Til Debt Do Us Part are my favorites. If only I could get my husband to watch and take notes!

Bloomberg has a show called gamechangers which is pretty cool to see how entrepreneurs have moved and built their businesses. On HGTV I really like income property as well, which shows multi family benefits and the burden of building.

I like Clark Howard. He gives lots of good tips. I also like all the House Hunters shows. And lately I have watched a few of those Selling New York shows. It's interesting to see what you can expect to get for big money in New York. Lovely 600 sq ft condos for 2.5 million. Stuff like that. Makes you realize the high cost of city living. When I see those, I always think to myself,why not skip the New York home and just retire somewhere cheaper instead of paying millions for a place to stay in New York.

Both my husband and I love watching shows where we are learning tools that can make things easier for us in our livers. He is in Real Estate and I work for Dish Network so we were floored we learned we could have all our HD channels free including our television financial planner but not just free. Free for life!! That is special as far as we are concerned, anyone is eligible and can have a crystal clear picture with every little freckle to be seen. It's simply amazing.

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