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July 18, 2011


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The Old Man is my favorite character.

I notice in the show Rick usually get the seller to name the price first and then he usually comes back with a lower price. Negotiation 101 is to get the other guy to name a price first.

I have always wondered why some of these people never do any research on the item before bringing it into the shop.

Love the show. It shows how desperate people are for money and how ignorant when it comes to money. Definely a good learning tool.

American pickers is another good show on the art of negotiations. They try to buy stuff to resell and some people can't part with it.

Our family watches both.

I am constantly amazed by how many people don't get the whole concept of wholesale and retail. I learned that very early on. You would think, with Google and eBay, that some of these folks would do a little research on what they doohickey might be worth and not come in thinking that they will fund their retirement (or 15 minutes at the craps table) from one sale. I have to wonder if a lot of folks don't get stars in their eyes when they find out they could be on TV.

I find it a very entertaining show, when taken at face value as a reality show. Glad someone else remembers Tennessee Tuxedo and Chumley. Chumley and the Old Man are priceless.

Great show. My wife and I visited the shop in April when we went to Vegas for a weekend getaway. They've got some good inventory.

I don't understand how pawn shops still exist in the age of ebay.

It always gets me how Rick will say something like "this particular model of blunderbuss is very rare and could be EXTREMEMLY valuable," then the expert will come in to look at it and hit it around $1,000, which is nothing to sneeze at, but less than I would have expected, given the lead-up that he gave.

American Pickers is another one of my favorites. I watch both of those on Netflix streaming. I've seen one episode of Storage Wars, not sure whether I'm into it or not yet.

Great show. I watch it mostly for the historial aspect. I just don't understand why, after something has been authenticated, people then sell it on the spot for 1/3 the retail value. With just a little more effort they can take that piece and sell it online for much more. I guess there is something alluring about taking the cash RIGHT NOW.

Pawn stars is intriguing. I know negotiation was touched upon here. I think negotiation is a big part of everyday life and it can either save you money if your good at it or get you the deal you want. Reading books on communication has helped me a lot with this.

Most of the sellers are desperate for gambling cash, which is why Rick makes a lot of money. If these sellers had patience and tried ebay, they would make more.

I love the "Pawn Stars" show....
I also kind of like the seemingly more fictional
"Hardcore Pawn" on the TruTV channel. I guess the
pawn business hits a nerve in the U.S.....maybe it's
just this economy.

We have enjoyed Pawn Stars via Netflix Streaming. You don't have to put up with commercials. I think it is good for our teenager to see how desperate people are for quick cash. The adults find it interesting to see some of the items redeemed. We abhor the staged drama, but what can you do?

I wonder if any of the "negotiations" are staged before the fact, especially after the expert leaves. My guess is that when something interesting comes in the door, they ask the person to do another take so the camera can get them coming up to the counter, etc.

Personnally I'd follow the expert out the door and at least ask where the best place to sell the item was (e.g. local/regional auction, specialty internet site, etc.), the more it was worth the less likely I'd pawn it right away.

Finally, what always gets me is that there's this assumption that when they sell it, either on american pickers or pawn stars, that their profit is pure. They have to pay taxes, etc. on all that because unlike the guy their buying it from it is a business.

BTW, the History Channel also shows full episodes on its Web site.

Besides gambling cash, the other response I keep hearing is, "I'm going to buy a good dinner." Which amazes me. (Or is 'a good dinner' just a code word for gambling? LOL!)

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