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July 28, 2011


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We have had similar experiences with Discount Tire.

They really care about the customer and are dedicated to taking care of your tire needs. Tires are much more important than most of the driving public cares to know and Discount Tire wants to do what it can. Most drivers are unaware of how important tires are to safety, performance, comfort and how it can affect cost per mile of transportation.

I do not have any finanical interest in Discount Tire, just a customer of the past ten or so years in SoCal and now the Chicago area. I shop around also, but end up back there. I wish tires were less expensive though.

I do my research at Tire Rack and get Discount Tire to price match with shipping and installation factored in. The final price is usually around 20% less than what they attempt to charge an uninformed customer.

I had similar experience at Costco. I had purchased tires at costco for my Pilot. Few months later, one of the tire had a nail. Costco replaced the tire for free. Also they fill up the tire with nitrogen for free. It usually $10 per tire to fill up nitrogen at my Honda dealership.

I bought my last two sets of tires from DT. I've also had them fix flats for me for free. Once I took a tire in from my riding mower because it was losing air. They fixed it for me... for FREE!!! They are my tire store.

We buy ALL of our tires from them.

They have a great business model and well trained staff ! In my area they also ensure the best price, even if it requires price matching a competitor.

They are kind of like Chik-fila in respect to the professionalism and courtesy they provide.

Sam --

The one difference between your experience and mine: you had purchased tires at Costco, I didn't buy anything at Discount Tire.

National Tire and Battery does the same if the tires were purchased through them. Ditto on the tire rotation too.

When you do buy tires from them they will try to get you to purchase their warranty certificates ($10 a tire?). It's kind of an annoying pitch, but it has saved me money almost every-time.

I overheard one of their salesmen tell a customer that the certificates are not a profit maker, rather the money goes into a pool to pay for claims... (Not sure if it's true, but that makes me feel a little better about getting them)

kjaxx --

I'm sure many places do (I know Costco does too). But again, I didn't buy the tires through them -- that's what made the experience so good IMO.

I am also a big fan of Discount Tire. They also meet or beat their competitors prices as well. Recently, I got a price from Sam's Club on some Michelins that were on sell, and Discount Tire beat the price (after rebate) by 7%. I thought the price at Sam's could not be beat, but I was proven wrong. They also stand by their tires as long as you buy the warranty certificates (you will also need to buy another certificate if the tire is replaced to insure the new tire, but that is still not a bad deal considering that I effectively just purchased a new tire for around $15).

I've had the same positive experience with Discount Tire here in Houston. Sounds like it is a company wide policy. The only downside I have experienced is that the lines at the store are long (ie- long wait).

Out here in the Western states Les Schwab's policy is to fix flats for free. Its been that way as long as I can remember, probably for decades. The service guys are also supposed to make a show of running around, though I'm not sure how much running actually happens. Plus we get free beef!

@Sam, you realize that regular old atmospheric air that we all breathe is ~78% nitrogen right? I'd say Honda is making some serious dough at $40 a car to fill up on plain old air.

Regarding Discount Tire, I've been buying my tires there for the past 10 years now and have no complaints. Love the service (always done within an hour) and the prices can't be beat.

Discount Tire is the only place that I will buy a tire. If you get a price from anyone else and contact the local store manager he will meet or beat the deal.

I never buy the replacement warranty but have found that if you have a road hazzard situation after the sale they will offer you the chance to buy the warranty to replace the tire for less than the replacement cost of same. Talk about a win win situation.

As an outside retired salesman for 40 plus years and well over a million miles on their tires I can tell you they are the best.

By the way they make appointments at my local store and have me in and out in less than 45 minutes. They are the best at what they do.

I love Discount Tire. Best thing is that you can go to there web page and schedule an appt for new tires, rotation, balancing, fix flat, etc. and minimize the time you have to wait.

I had that same experience (not the roofing part but the 'need help' part) a long way back, and they've had my business ever since. So, yeah, their model works!

Another satisfied Discount Tire customer here. Good prices and they'll match if you find better, free repairs. I always get the warranty, we have new construction around here and my wife seems to attract nails, saved us from having to buy a new tire a couple of months ago (just bought new tires a few months before that).

Recommended to everyone. But also recommend an appointment.

I had the same experience with Discount Tire. I had a tire emergency out of town, and bought tires at the first place I found. I ended up with a screw in my tire, and went to Discount to get it fixed. I fully expected to pay. I was falling all over myself thanking them for fixing my flat for free. Definitely a great way to drum up my business!

I got all excited and then I discovered that there are no Discount Tire locations in South Florida. :(

I've bought 4 sets of tires from Discount Tires. Just went there today to get my tires rotated. They have competitive prices and fantastic service!

None in my area, but their Discount Tire Direct website usually saves me a bundle, and I have them installed locally.

Maybe it has changed in the last few years since I have been to discount tire, but they use to have an option to buy a lifetime warranty for your tires. I busted a tire that had the lifetime warranty, and they mounted, balanced, and installed it for free. For only $30 I could renew the warranty on the new tire for life. Discount tire is one of the best players in the market and I was telling my coworkers about them in the car shop I work in. Discount tire is def. the people to use that are frugal and need new tires.

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