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July 20, 2011


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Wow. I don't know about that. I think I'd rather grow my skills, take care of my health, and age gracefully. Interesting stats though... Thanks for sharing.

I am certain plastic surgery would greatly assist my career. there isn't much out there for a 55+ y.o woman that's lost considerable weight and is now wearing a sagging "fat suit". the competition with young white-toothed blondies is fierce. surgery would help ME have the confidence it'll take to convincingly sell myself AND even get me an interview. HR ppl. screen and no matter what the app. looks like, if you don't fit the "look" employers want then mysteriously the position gets "filled" b4 you can interview. very discouraging to say the least. it's a catch 22 tho' the surgery costs tons and if you're in the job market you either don't have the ready cash or ANY health insurance.

No job is worth it to me. I would much rather work in a lower paying position where looks did not count for much then go through a plastic surgery. I am against plastic surgery in general for cosmetic and vanity reasons though, so this was a no brainer for me.

If I was in an accident or something and needed to look presentable again, sure. Otherwise, nope. I avoid unnecessary doctor's visits at all costs.

Like Crystal, only for an accident...even then, only maybe.

I could see this backfiring though if it isn't done tastfully.


When I was a kid, my parents made me wear braces. Even though that isn't plastic surgery, I really do think that is some sort of 'correction/improvement' type surgery. Appearance is everything when you are talking about first impressions. Anything that will make you look 'better' will go a long way no matter when/what/where it happens.

I probably wouldn't, although there are some exceptions. If I had some injury or physical deformity that caused severe negative reactions, I probably would.

I agree with Crystal. Only if I needed something to make myself presentable. I'm 55 yo male. My hair is thinning. I'm not going to bother with the Rogain or the hair plugs or any of that sort of thing. Just too much trouble. If it was just " pop a pill and grow hair for the rest of my life" I would do it. But anything that requires a daily regimen is to much. Then again...I'm thinking about retirement,so I don't care so much if they don't think I'm handsome. ;-)

Sure if I was in an accident, like Crystal says, then I'd try to fix it so people wouldn't stare at me in the street. Otherwise, I wouldn't.

Because plastic surgery doesn't really make anyone look that much better. Look at the movie actors who can and do spend as much money as they want on how they look! Do they all look awesome or even decently good? No. And many actually end up looking like something inhuman. And this is for a group a people who have better-than-average looks to start with.

Other than plastic surgery, there's a lot you can do. Focus on living your life with intensity and happiness--people will notice and find you more attractive no matter what you actually look like. Get in better physical shape by exercising and taking care of your health. Get your teeth fixed and bleached, get a decent haircut, experiment with hair color and learn to apply makeup if you're a woman, get a style makeover for your work clothes. Some people could also benefit from using a voice/speech coach especially if they are from a lower socio-economic class than the people they're competing for jobs with.



Everyone should try to look their best.

For some, this includes surgical procedures. The point is to choose appropriately. I've seen people who look far better after the following procedures:

Mole, growth or port-wine stain removal.
Blepheroplasty, as mentioned in the article. For some, the eyelid droop is severe enough to impair vision and this is covered by insurance.
Skin lift (for those who had an extreme weight loss)
Tummy tuck with muscle repair after multiple birth pregnancy
Breast reduction
Re-construction after injury or mastectomy.
Chin liposuction to remove double-chin.

I think the media usually presents the extremes, and celebrities who've had too many procedures skew public opinion about good cosmetic surgery.

As an aside, you fellas look just great without hair. The young guys at my job (and those nice looking baseball players) all seem to be shaving their heads, so please don't bother with plugs or rogaine (at least not on my account!).

There is always a risk with elective surgery that you won't survive it. I know two people that had supposedly routine surgeries. One died and the other almost died after major blood vessels were inadvertently cut and the other contracted an infection. I can't think of any job that would be worth almost dying for and the potential increased salary doesn't help your family when you're dead.

It would probably help my career somewhat if I cut off my long hair. Since I haven't done that, I guess I can safely say that I wouldn't get plastic surgery, either.

That said, if I were to lose my job, and I thought the long hair was costing me opportunities to get another, I suppose I would cut it off. People expect geeks to be a little weird, though.

Yes I would, not just to further career but also because looking good is important to me and I admit I am rather vain and my appearance matters a lot to me. So it wouldn't be JUST for my career but also because it would make me feel better. Eventually I want to pursue acting and as we all know looks are important in the entertainment industry. There's not much wrong with my looks though and I already look 10+ years younger than I am so I won't need work for a long time.

Yes, and i'm already planning this. My skin is horrible, scars from my past acne, horrible face, horrible and strange body. And i want to get married with a woman and nowadays they just want hot perfect guys, so yea i'm just waiting a carreer promotion to plan and execute.

I'll tell you later the results in my love, social and professional life.

I did have a breast reduction in my mid twenties, and I feel it has been a good move career-wise. Right or wrong, I suspect it has changed others' perceptions of me and allows me to be taken more seriously in the workplace. Other than that, I would probably only do minor things for upkeep, such as teeth whitening/veneers, fillers/injections such as botox, varicose/spider vein treatments, microderm, skin peels, etc. In addition to regular exercise and good grooming, I think some minor non-surgical maintenance can be a cost effective way to keep up one's appearance. I would not go under the knife again, however.

I would.

I'm rather sure that the amount I'd have to spend to, ahem, "fix" my appearance would far exceed the expected additional return at this stage in my career. :-)

Fortunately, there are less expensive methods available...for one man's story, see:

"I have a bit (okay, a lot) of gray hair. I look my age. She expected someone in his 30’s, I guess. She tentatively called out my name and when I stood up, she was literally dumbfounded and speechless. To her credit she did at least continue on with the interview, and the rejection came via email weeks later. And that was when I started coloring my hair."

People who undergo plastic surgery usually look worse afterwards. I prefer the way nature intended. Plus, I think people choosing plastic surgery (outside of reconstruction after a severe accident) should stop being vain and focus on others more than yourself.

I would, though I know it wouldn't be to advance my career as much as it would to help me deal w/getting older (I am 41 y/o)! LOL

Some of the procedures I would consider:

-under-eye lift (maybe in 5+ years ... hate it!)
-braces, veneers, teeth whitening (probably sooner rather than later; the process of getting veneers is a bit scary, though, IMO. Look it up!)
-botox (only between the brows, though)
-fat injections (to get rid of crow's feet and lip creases)
-neck 'lift' for 'double chin' (don't have this 'yet' but mom does)

I am hoping eating right and exercising (keeping weight down!) will help to avoid some of the need for 'improvement'! I won't do any of these things if I have neglected my physical health...

I think a lot of commenters bring up a great point -- where's the line between "plastic surgery" and other expensive, invasive cosmetic treatments? Almost everyone has done something to improve their appearance ... the question is simply how far would you go.

Shoot, yeah.

How about coloring hair to remove some/all the gray? Rogaine for the encroaching bald spot at the back of the head? Whitening teeth? Straightening teeth? Removing moles? LASIK?

I'm not sure all of this is "plastic" surgery, but I'd do any of it if needed (and some is).

I'd definitely get the stomach stuff done if it would greatly reduce weight (I am a Boston Marathoner qualifier so I don't worry much about weight), and one of my staff did and he looks better with better-fitting clothes.

I don't know what to say.... I am astounded. I would not get plastic surgery to advance my career. And I would hope that my colleagues would not choose plastic surgery to advance their careers.

I will get a tummy tuck ASAP. My 3 'over 10 pound' babies left me with a saggy and unsightly abdomen and in my field -Secretary-Assistant- it's important to look good, specially now that I turned 40 and gained a spare bellow the waist 'inflating' the sag more then the rest of my body.
I do think it's an investment for a good job position but also a big investment in me loving my body again. Because no matter how much I diet or exercise that skin will never be tight and strechmark free again.

I sense a lot of young people answering this question. What about, instead of "advancing" your career, keeping a job. What about those little tell-tale signs that make you look a little tired (dark circles and bags in eye region), though you are not; make you look grumpy when you are not smiling (nose-lip creases), though you are not. What if the impression your appearance gives it "been around, want fresh blood." This happens in the most unglamorous professions and businesses, so yes, I would consider surgery to keep a stimulating work life and paycheck.

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