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August 01, 2011


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Your children reach the age of 18.

I don't have a will. Don't have children, or a spouse.

Not sure how seriously I should take this as a 'problem'.

In my experience, making a will is a set and forget exercise. It should be something you put in your diary to review it every couple of years or so. this may save your estate from a lot of pain and expense later on.

I do not have a will. I have little enough estate that it would not go through probate. In MO my kids would, by law, divide equally whatever I have. This also happened when my husband died.

The only quirk I had was the bank lock box. It cost me $65 to get into it because of a legal paper I needed. My husband had the lock box from his mother's estate and had his older brother's name on it with him. His older brother had died 6 months before my husband and he forgot to change it. Was not a problem as he had been dying of cancer and I could do that work myself.

My 503b and life insurance are set up as 50% each for son & daughter. Seems I'm set unless I win the lottery and that is unlikely as I usually forget to buy a ticket. The same thing with inheriting a fortune.

So if one is single, with no kids, and just needs a basic will to ensure their estate goes to parents/siblings, is there an inexpensive way to set one up? The requirements likely vary state-by-state, but can anyone recommend general resources? (I personally am interested in Washington state requirements.)

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