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August 17, 2011


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Watch " Selling New York ". It's an eye opener. Like House Hunters for the wealthy. Most of the apartments/homes go for a number that makes me wonder.... Why buy a place in New York when you could just take that money and retire very comfortably almost anywhere else?

I moved from DC to Baltimore (I now commute) to avoid paying outrageous living expenses. I was able to buy a 3BR/2.5BA house within walking distance of a commuter train station in a relatively safe part of the city for a monthly payment less than the cost a 1 bedroom apartment in a not-so-great section of DC.

LOL -- my apartment is so small you can tour the kitchen, living area, balcony and look into bedroom by standing in one spot and swirling ... and I don't even live in a hip, swanky city like NYC (I'm in Atlanta). Oh yeah, and mine also has cockroaches. Lots of 'em.

In October I'm moving to a HUGE place ... 1,500 sq. ft. It even has a HALLWAY!!

This is why I wish income levels for tax returns were tied to cost of living. life in nyc is not cheap.

Also why people making "good" incomes are having a hard time....tuition, day care, food, everything is so much more expensive (Boston).

I live in a smaller city in CT less than one hour to NYC. When I read the NY Times real estate section, I go into shock. How on earth does a middle class person live decently, much less well, in that city? I guess only the top-tier actors and finance folk can live there.

This is exactly why I recently turned down a job on the east coast which would have doubled my salary.... life is good in Texas!

Ahhh, so good to hear similar comments from other city dwellers! Here in Los Angeles, it is a favorite (or frustrating?!?) pastime to yell at "House Hunters" and make those same comments about how much we'd love a kitchen that was large enough for more than one person to be in.

Seriously planning for a move soon.

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