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August 24, 2011


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I bought a new car recently and thought it was a great deal. Quite often, cars are an item you can't wait on if you leased, or if your current car is no longer drivable. There is so much competition on cars that I think you would probably do just as well just buying at model year changeover.

Regarding a wedding, I am now a curmudgeon when it comes to big weddings and such, unless whoever is financing it is really well off. It is such a huge expense for one day. Yes, it is an important day, but not every person you know needs to be invited.

I view this as trying to time the market. You just can't do it efficently. Yes you may get some deals by waiting but the next month you may get a better one. I think it is a matter of what you need and the time frame you need it.

Buying a new roof in 2006 was probably alot more expensive that what I can get now. People are hungry for work but I NEEDED a roof in 2006

Just booked our first Cruise for February and got a really good deal. If we didn't have free airfare, I might have waited but not much as I would rather pay and get a good flight.

I got married when the economy was at its worst in 2008 and you would be surprised at how unwilling places were to deal. If you want a nice wedding you will always pay more than you should. Big waste of money

You probably already know that if you can be somewhat flexible on your cruise dates and/or destination, you can usually get really good last-minute deals. Also, in January some cruise lines are repositioning their ships & those are usually discounted, although the # of days can be long, depending on where they're moving to. But I agree with your basic premise, that the cruise companies are hurting - we took a cruise several years ago & are now on that line's preferred customers email list, and they're notifying me at least weekly of the latest new deals they're offering.

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