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August 29, 2011


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I would love to know how he came up with these percentages, and when he did this study. Knocking on the door of a factory in the late 90s versus 2011 (if it is even still open) is probably much different.

Personally I think these percentages cannot be right.

Everyday Tips --

"the percentage numbers are estimates based on the author's experience."

Yeah, wow, way to prove "the author's experience" is not only in left field, but it's out there two days after the game. For one thing, I suspect most people under 40 in anything resembling an urban or suburban area (where they can get broadband internet) probably don't even have a phone book in their house. If they do, it likely props open a door or boosts visiting children at the dining room table and has never been opened. Mine takes a direct, non-stop flight from the front porch to the recycling bin.

The absolute best way of finding a job is knowing someone at the company who hand-delivers your resume to a hiring manager. AKA networking. Knocking on a company door? No way. Ludicrous.

I was on board with the "worst ways" until I saw the "best ways". Some of those worst ways seem a lot better than these. Asking somenone at a "career center"? I would guess 0.0001% based on this author's experience.

NETWORKING! At all levels - Can't say enough about this underestimated and underutilized approach

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