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August 01, 2011


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Me - messy office, chewed fingernails (I'm a lot better than I used to be though! Now if only I could fix my cuticles...), and possibly dresses too casually (in that I don't wear a tie unless I am going to a meeting, and I almost never wear a jacket because I only have one and it's too small). I suppose someone could tell me my breath stinks, but as far as I know it doesn't.

I don't see any of these things holding me back in my company except perhaps the messiness, but that more as a performance problem due to disorganization. I could definitely be better organized.

I will say that I have NEVER been in a business meeting with people with piercings (other than ears), visible tattoos, or really casual clothing. I don't know anyone with those types of appearance attributes that is ever seen as a representative of any of the companies I work with.

Fortunately, I'm ok on all far as I can tell, anyway:)

I think most of these are controllable, except for bad breath for some people. We all have freedom to choose what we want to wear, how we look, and how we organize ourselves, and I think that's great. Of course, actions have consequences - good or bad - and we all have to acknowledge that reality as well when we make personal decisions.

It's ok that you're too white, you're a Michigander. As a Tarheel, I make fun of all my pale relatives up in Michigan. Of course while I'm sweating 104 degree heat with 70% humidity, my cousins make sure to rub in how cool it is up there.

Too suntanned? Most of these make sense, but why would that be a factor?

I'm ok on all of these. I'm happy *ahem* not to see 'long hair' on the list, but I suspect it should have been on there, at least for guys.

I'd say I dress just a smidge below average in terms of formality. I also worry occasionally that my clothes are wrinkled.

Suntanned might be a factor if it's tanning bed tan or spray tan. That looks pretty unprofessional sometimes.

I'm surprised that chronic lateness did not make the list.

My boss used to say that a cluttered desk was a sign of a cluttered mind. Well, later I saw a sign I loved: If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, what is an empty desk a sign of? To me, an extremely clutter free desk is a sign you are not working.

If I had to choose a category for my self, it would be the messy office ordeal. Even though, I'm generally a neat person, the papers sometimes just get too backed up. I try to keep it at a minimum though.

I was surprised that bad odor wasn't on the list either. You'd think that would be a lot more noticeable than chew finger nails. In my opinion, If I were a big wig in an office...I would be a lot more turned off from bod odor; GROSS!!

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