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August 08, 2011


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Could be a fun hobby, I suppose. What's wrong with borrowing the detector? My dad tried it out for a while with a borrowed detector.

My husband has had one for over twenty years. It is rarely used anymore but he has enjoyed it quite a bit over the years. It was even good for father-kid outings for a while. I don't think treasure was ever expected, but a little bit anticipated.

I rented an underwater metal detector (and scuba gear) to look for my wedding ring that I lost in the lake swimming. No luck, but it was fun and the adventure kept it interesting. However, it does require a lot of patience since everything I found had little monetary value and , you can't always get to what is setting off the detector without a bunch of digging (underwater this is challenging:)).

I bought a detector and all of the accessories, then when I went to look for a place to use it, I found out that virtually everywhere I wanted to look was federally protected property (I live close to DC. So I gave up and sold it on eBay. It was a losing proposition for me.

My parents gave us a metal detector and my son LOVES to head out to the park with it. We usually just find bottle caps (some of these are really old...) but it is fun to go on a treasure hunt once in awhile!

i am not personally, nor do i know any, but every time i go to california's venice beach there are always folks with their cool looking machines detecting metal. i didn't know what they were doing initially and thought they were nuts

We just walk around and look at the ground. You can find a lot of cool things that way--and no cost!

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