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August 07, 2011


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I totally agree with this. By definition by giving something to somebody who could use the help, you are blessed to have the power and means to help another person- and you only need to make the choice to give the help as you wish.

If you are focused helping others life will continue to give you more opportunities to practice that behavior, that often means that very lucky or good things fall into your lap. Just a personal observation...


Oh my gosh, that statement is so true. It doesn't even have to be the underprivileged that it is fun to help. Once, I was grocery shopping, and the elderly gentleman in front of me left his wallet at home. He very slowly started putting everything back in his cart and was going to go back home to get his wallet. I told him I would just cover it (it was only 22 dollars worth of groceries) and you would think that I gave him a thousand dollars. He was just so shocked that someone would actually do that for him, and so grateful that he wouldn't have to go back home. He wanted my address for reimbursement but I just told him that I was sure he had done plenty of good in his life and to just let others help him once in awhile. Just that one deed set the tone for my entire day, and I would easily pay 22 dollars a day to feel that good.

I have had a lot of hard times of late. Things are tough and just seem to be getting tougher. I have had many people help me along the way and I consider it an honor when I can help anyone else out with their financial problems. Even if its just a donut in like at a gas station.

Generousity depends on who you are. There can be two people in the exact situation with the same amount and one has more than enough and the other does not. It can be a matter of what you think of yourself and what you feel you can give away.

So the question is which are you? Do you have enough?

My late husband always said, "If you have something to give to others, you are not poor." We practiced this through the years. Last week, a man came to my town to thank me for all the help I had given to my college for student aid. To me, it was just payback for all they had done for me while I was there.

I feel so blessed that God has enabled me to give 20% of my retirement income and yet I am still doing fine. And I realize that I am only giving out of what God has given me.

Remember the old story of a rancher who heard a visiting preacher say that we owned nothing really, it all belonged to God. We only had it to use during our lifetime. He took the preacher to hill on his property after feeding him lunch, and said, "Now tell me I don't own this." The preacher said he would answer on one condition - that the rancher come back in 200 years and asked him the same question.

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