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August 15, 2011


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what's logic, NOT to keep receipts in wallet?, Usually, people take receipt from cashier after every purchase and put it into wallet (and in most case forget to remove, :-)), what's wrong with it...

I don't see what's wrong with carrying receipts either. In the old days your full credit card number was on it but now only the last 4 digits show up.

Add to that list: Medicare cards.. Although I'm not yet eligible, I take care of my mother, and the US government thinks it's still okay to have your medicare number the same as your social security number. I've made a photocopy of my mother's medicare card with the number blanked out. If a medical provider needs the number for billing, I'll give it to them separately.

My smartphone has an SD card, I've protected it with encryption software. In fact, all sensitive electronic files that "travel" in wallets, briefcases, or whatever, get encrypted (and of course, backed up regularly.)

In regard to receipts, here in California it's illegal to show more that the last four of a credit card number on a receipt. Is that not the case in other states? If not, the "no receipts" rule makes sense.

Where are you supposed to carry your checkbook? (Assuming you need to carry it around). I keep mine in my purse b/c I use it to pay for daycare, and would never have it on me otherwise. Gift Cards - if we are saving them to pay for something specific they go on the bulletin board at home (we do this with cashback rewards sometimes) but otherwise, if they aren't in my wallet, i will forget i own them, and they will never be used.

I don't know - I'm probably jsut an example of someone who isn't organized enough - but if I don't keep those types of things on me, I wont have them when I need them. I'm not one to remember to change out whats in my purse to plan for the day ahead - I like to just grab it and go in the morning.

FYI this is a trick I learned about before we were married. I have a CC in my name and my wife has one in her name and they are not the same company. If either of our wallets / purse are lost or stolen we can call ASAP to cancel / freeze the joint accounts but we each have a CC that still works. This actually happend to us while on vacation. Nothing bad happened but we still had a CC to work with.

I agree with you completely, why carry a passport with you at all time if your just going down the street to the grocery store?

And a Social Security card? You would just be putting your identity at risk when you carry this with you.

Thanks for the reminder to turn my phone password back on! I had disabled it on a recent road trip so I could control my music without unlocking it every time, and I had forgotten to turn it back on!

I agree with the other posters that I don't see the harm in receipts as long as they blank out most of your CC number. Except for cluttering up your wallet/purse, of course!

For everything else, I think the moral of the story is to not carry something you don't need. No one needs the first three on a daily basis. If you need your checkbook, you have to carry it. If you have 5 credit cards but three of them are specific store cards that you don't need all the time, leave those at home. If you don't need $100 cash on your person, don't carry it.

@Matt, I like your tip of having two separate credit cards as back-ups.

I used a Clark Howard tip on Medicare cards. Just cut out the last 4 digits plus letter. If you need it for the doctor or bank, you can verify the last 4 digits for them, as they should have it on file.

Why would you carry your passport anywhere but in doing travel outside the country? I'm fairly certain a copy wouldn't work in that scenerio.

In my aluma wallet I carry my insurance cards, 2 cc's, medicare card, 2 checks, and any cash I might need for a week or two ($30 or less). I have given up carrying a purse unless I fly and that is for extra space I might need. Then I carry a huge one.

I still carry checks because I live in a small town and I need them for 2 or 3 businesses and the kids who keep my lawn mowed and the neighbor who drives me when I have a doctor's appt. from which I would not be allowed to drive.

I carry both cc's because I check my accounts daily. They were each high jacked once. I would be able to stop them immediately.

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