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August 26, 2011


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I want books!


box of books....sounds good

Thanks for the chance to win

I'd love to win. I love your blog.

I like to read. Books are good.

"Internet riches" and "money cometh:, sound particularly interesting

Love it - thanks!

Would love to win!

Thanks! Good set of books!

I would like some, thanks.


I would love these books!

Thank you!

Thank you!

I am in. Thank you for what you do.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Hope to win!

I'd be interested.

Thanks for the books!

I like books!

They still make paper books? I'm in.

Thank you.

In for the win.

Thank you.

I'm a reader.


Yay! Books!

I love books :) particularly free money books

I love free books!

This may be my lucky day!

Please choose me - I don't have enough to read.

I love reading

Keep up the good work! Books? Yes, please!


Thanks you.

Thank you!

Reading is fun. Free makes it better.

train reading. thanks!

Would love to win (and read) a "Missing Manual" book, along with other books.

yes please!

Please enter me in.


read every night need some more...thanks

I'd like to read these, enter me please.

thanks so much!

Woot! Thanks


Thank you

In it to win it.

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