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August 17, 2011


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I'd go back for Petroleum Engineering with an MBA instead of Chemical Engineering with an MBA.

Probably. But it'd almost certainly be in a field that pays less. I just don't feel fulfilled with my job, even though I'm good at it. But I'm only 23; I'm hoping that I just haven't found the right company or specialization in my field.

I would not change my profession (accounting) if given another chance. Although I didn't always love my job, I always loved the challenges. I never found accounting boring, as others might have, because I always looked beyond the task and found ways to simplify and improve the process and outcome.

Perhaps that's why I was always promoted, as well as sought after by other firms. My career did great and I was able to retire with a nice nest egg in my early 50s.

Probably for making stained glass or metal sculpting or metal welding.

Changing a career no.

Enrichment and fun and possible craft yes.

In a heartbeat! I don't really know if my chosen area isn't a good fit for me or if the horrible economy, rather than the reality of my field, is predominantly to blame for the fact that I feel like it doesn't matter how much work I do, unless I'm a super star with connections, I'll never advance.

In a hear beat! Business with an MBA, instead of a dead end Civil Engineer career. Everything, absolutely everything is business, including lawers, doctors, priests (churches).

Not only would I, I am. It's not easy, working full time and going to school at night, but it's something I've been talking about doing for a few years...and this year I decided to quit talking about it!

No... Industrial Engineering is too much fun.

Where else can you get paid like an engineer without sitting at a desk all day?

Combine that with an MBA or Engineering Management degree and advancement opportunities are endless.

@KaseyD: That's my current field, so I appreciate your insight. I'm talented at accounting, but I still just don't know, over 2 years out of college. The pay is of course great, but....

I wouldn't go back and change a thing. Nothing beats a well rounded education - life can be hard when you know almost nothing about nearly everything.

I've always wanted to be an underwater archaeologist, but it doesn't pay well so I went into technology. I enjoy IT, but I will switch careers as soon as my kids are in college. I would probably make the same choices if I had a "do over" because I was never into the long suffering, underpaid academic role.

I wouldn't change my degree, which was Chemical Engineering. If I did it over again, I might have tried a Wall Street bond trading job for a few years, before settling down in a career. Or maybe that is just a financial fantasy of mine :-)

No, I'm happy with how things turned out. Of course there are dream jobs out there that pay nothing and subjects I'd love to learn more about but engineering is a great degree and career to raise a family with good compensation.

I'd love to go back. I have just over 2 years of college and always wanted to get my degree. But I never made it and now, in my 70's, it would cost more than I am willing to pay. So, I will do community college courses just to keep me studying and using my brain.

I hated school when I was there. Never took a business course but of course I ended up in business. Never even got an under-graduate degree. But worked my tail off to impress and got lucky. Been with same company for 35 years and looking to retire next Spring at 59 yo. Nice house, no debt, nice portfolio (and no hefty inheritance yet either). My 'going back to school' days are long gone and I'm am very grateful for it.

Yes. The little detail of finding out what jobs (and pay) your degree can get was not something I learned until after finishing.

I'd keep the current degree, which was fun, but add a more practical one, with a better paycheck, that I could also enjoy.

Definitely! I'd choose corporate law or investment banking. It's all about the $ for me. I'd work my tail off and take advantage of the many benefits and save and invest. Afterward, if I still loved it, I'd continue until I couldn't or until retirment. If I ended up hating it or feeling unfilled, then I would have saved enough to quit and do something I really enjoy w/o worrying about the paycheck.

Sure would!!!! Forget electrical engineering, I would be a HS teachers sitting in my pool right now!

I'm back in college for the second time right now, out of necessity. My first career (graphic design) was a total bust. Hopefully Accounting will work out much better.

I don't think I'd change my major, but I'd change schools. I'd like to go back to get a Masters of engineering or MBA degree eventually

Wouldn't change my schooling, but I sure would re-look a couple of poor career decisions since graduation... :-)

I would, definitely. I went to school for IT and worked my butt off in help desk for 10 years, when my career counselor told me I would only have to do that for 2-4 years at most before I can move on up. The job was always too stressful and a thankless job at that. My parents told me from the start I would have been more successful as a teacher since I am so great with kids and had a knack in teaching them new things. I should have listened to them, maybe things would be a lot different. Biggest issue is getting money to go to school, since I am still paying for the schooling I wasted all my time on.

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