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September 19, 2011


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Darn, now I have to go delete my "Insurance Fraud Action Shots for 2006 to 2009" photo album off of Facebook.

I'm going to have to take down shots odometer milestones which prove I'm driving a whole lot more than 12k miles a year!

This is the Big Brother George Orwell warned about. The only thing he got wrong was how shockingly easy it woudl be to get people to give up their personal info.

How do they get this information if your Facebook page is blocked to everyone but friends?

^^^lol. good one

Christy: "Friends" that see your Facebook page can always talk about what is on your page with others or make copies of it. It is the same as when you share some secret with a few friends and then they blab confidentially to others. Ever have a friend tell you something confidential and ask you to keep it private. Then you find out everyone else is talking about it anyway. Same thing with email sent to somebody. You never know where it will end up.

The building manager at my condo got fired after someone found out he made less than flattering remarks about some of the condo owners on his Facebook page. Someone mailed copies of the offending Facebook page with the remarks to every owner in the building. I don't know who accessed his page, copied it, or did the mailing, but it was not smart of him to vent his remarks on Facebook. I personally don't think they were that bad, but the Board of Directors had a difficult defending him and so he was out of a job.

That makes sense. I have seen that type of behavior myself. I guess it's a good thing I am 'really boring' and don't post much, and definitely nothing stupid like that. I have an aunt who is a teacher and she is always posting about her students. She uses a fake name so she thinks she is safe, but I still wonder how wise that is.

Insurance companies know me by my uncommon first name. Social media know me by my middle name. Good luck, insurers.

So it would make sense to post disinformation on your Facebook page: possibly a pitiful wail about how much you're suffering, or something that natters on about how the insurance payment saved your tail and how grateful you are because you couldn't have survived without it.

Mark is dead right about Big Brother. Big Brother is watching us all, and he ain't the government. In a post-1984 world, the only strategy that makes sense is to emanate disinformation at every turn.

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