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September 20, 2011


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I paid $90 to get a British Airways card which came with 100,000 miles (after $3000 purchases in 3 months). That's enough for TWO flights from San Francisco to Europe (though to be fair, they have very limited selection of flights and there are a lot of extra charges to use the miles). Assuming that I can find good flights that fit my schedule, that's definitely worth the cost! However I'll be canceling my card soon now that I have the miles.

I agree completely. I too refused to pay an annual fee until you made me aware of this card. I have never seen another card that offers anywhere near 6% on groceries year round with no limit on spending. My only issue with this card is that there is a one month lag in AMEX applying the rewards to your rewards balance. Other than that, the card has worked great. I hope that AMEX does not change this rewards program.

I also agree about the Blue Cash Preferred card. Even taking the half-year annual fee (the anniversary date for my AMEX account, originally a Blue for Students, is February) out of the cash back I've earned in the 2.5 months I've had the card, I'm still earning 3+% cash back. It would be nice if the one-month lag didn't exist, but it's a small price to pay for such an excellent reward.

Love the Blue Cash Preferred except for the month lag. As to the fee I was $25 ahead on the $100 cash back and then I referred a friend and got $75 for that. So one way of looking at it is, my fee is covered until 2013, then it's $50 for that year and all the rewards are gravy. I hope the rewards stay in place for the long haul.

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