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September 27, 2011


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I don't think you have to put an "IMO" on Costco's no charge lens adjustment. The example is a great customer service FACT!

Does Costco sell high end frames like Oliver Peoples or Matsuda? I maintain my practice of purchasing frames directly from my Optometrist just because I love his selection of frames. I never have to look long before finding several worthy of wearing. Now that would be a solution to your tiredness of looking for a new pair.

I love costco and amazon for similar reasons. We have had probelms with merchandise and return with both and have been pleased with both.

I will second/third Costco and Amazon. They are the exceptions to my 'No Big Box' rule because of their excellent CS and for being innovators in their marketshare.

I never go into Costco hype mainly because I do not buy much in bulk. Although people usually think buying in bulk saves money and this is true as long as you end up using all of them. I think Target stores actually have comparable prices or maybe better prices than Costco in grocery items and you don't even gave to buy them in bulk.

Another Costco fan. When I needed glasses I did my research too, and found that they had the best price with excellent quality. A big deal since we don't have insurance.

But it makes me feel really good that you guys made the same decision!

Costco is a great company, and will be around for years to come. For the fact they have great customer service. I don't know why you said "I wouldn't have if it were my business" Consumers are any businesses number one asset, and keeping them happy is one major aspect to stay in business.

I ordered a pair of lined bi-focals through my eye doctor with their office stating that if I didn't like them that I could switch back to the regular lenses. I did not like the bi-focals so the eye doctor ordered them with just regular lenses. The change did not cost me anything.

It seemed to me that it must be a common practice to allow at least one lense change when ordering new glasses. Does anyone know if this is a common practice?

Costco no doubt is a great company..but lately their customer support has been very poor..I heard they are revamping them to target aggrieved guests..

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