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September 06, 2011


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Might want to check out the FIA Fidelity 2% AMEX card, I think that was will be around for a while.

If this card ends up losing its 2% benefits, there's also the fidelity card which currently offers the same thing. It is also run by Fia, so I wonder if it too will be cut.

I got "the letter" on Friday, seems identical to FMF's letter.

Does anyone know what will happen to FIA's "Shop Safe", temporary account number service? Do BofA cards usually offer something similar? I use that service a lot.

I don't think anyone knows what will happen for sure. A couple people have talked to FIA CSRs and supposedly the card will be changed to a "Privilege" program with 1/2/3 rewards (1% on everything, 2% on groceries, 3% on gas).

If the program is changed from 2% I will likely cancel my Schwab / FIA / BOA card and switch to the Fidelity VISA (1.5% on everything, 2% above 15k in spending). Or maybe the Fidelity Amex card (2% on everything).

FYI, FIA is a subsidiary of BOA.

I think they have also added foreign transaction fee.

If 2% on everything goes away or the card goes 1/2/3, I guess this means the rebate party is over--maybe it's the credit card gods' way of telling me I need to simplify my life.

Probably won't get rid of it since it will be my only VISA card and some places still only take VISA/MC. But to simplify things, my two Amex cards (Blue and Costco) will become the workhorses since their benefits would equal or exceed any 1/2/3 offering.

It is unfortunate that their benefits seem to be going away. But on the flip side there are so many other programs out there that can save you money with lower interest rates and better rewards. Change isn't always a bad thing.

I got this letter yesterday and immediately called FIA. Guy I spoke to said that the 2% would be going away. He said there would be an option of the 1/2/3 card and a "preferred" card, though he didn't have the details on what that included. Mailers for the switch would be going out soon. Quite the bummer.

The FIA CSR told me the new BofA card will go out November 4th. He was uncertain as to when the 2% cashback on my existing FIA card will end, but that the new BofA card will go to the 1/2/3% cashback. - Chip

Be very careful if you decide to open a BOA checking/savings account. I have been very disappointed by the customer service--getting errors fixed is a month-long exercise requiring regular calls.

It was a nice run! I certainly "saved" a lot.

I got the notice in the mail today. The new BoA card is officially active on Nov. 1st. So, October 31st is the last day we all get 2% cash back.

The new card, as some have already pointed out, is a 1/2/3 card. 1% everything, 2% groceries, 3% gas.

I'm cancelling my card on October 31st and replacing with a Chase/Amex combo that FMF outlined earlier.

Leave it to BoA to ruin a good thing.

Got my letter today. The 2% will go away on Nov 1. From then a new card with 1/2/3 as pointed by other people. Time to change cards.


6% grocery -- Blue cash prefered or 3% Blue cash everyday
3% gas -- Costco True earning
2% Restaurants -- costco True earning
2% travel -- costco True earning

for places not accepting AE, use Chase Freedom card they have 5% on different category every quarter

I have a FIA card (just says world points on it) and it's a PITA to log in online to look at my statement. Has anyone else had this problem? I would switch cards, but it's a pretty good interest rate (6.99%) and I'm going to be applying for a mortgage soon (around 6 months) so I don't want to ding my credit score.

I can't log into the FIA (formerly Schwab) card anymore off the FIA site (the site and its linkto) -

To be correct, I can log into it, but "there are no cards linked to this account." I don't recall having received the new card from BOA, and I surely have no idea how to get to the site to pay the stupid thing when it's due next week...


Josh, Same deal with me..Looks like this changeover is a clusterscrew..moving on to the chase freedom card..
I really don't know how to pay my balance..LOL..You gotta be kidding me...geez..

Brian --

FYI, Josh emailed me and asked basically what he said above. Here's my response (in case anyone else stumbles on this post):

I think they will send you one last bill when it's all said and done (and you'll get one last credit for the rewards you're owed). At least that's what I'm expecting.

I haven't received the BoA card yet either and I even tried to cancel it (I have a post on this coming up tomorrow) and they told me it was already "in the system" and couldn't be canceled. Ugh.

bank of america is the devil

costco true earnings is good but you only get payouts once a year and its in the form or a costco check, however if you get $200 back you can just buy something for $10 and get $190 back in cash, airline (travel) cards are always a rip unless its a corporate thing that you expense. im going to look into the chase freedom card

I also lost access at FIA card services 11/8/11. Called FIA they transferred me to B of A who said new card on way. Lost 2% rewards however. (I am upset that I never got a letter stating new terms, only a changeover to B of A). I spend over 100k a month on the Schwab card, so it is a big deal and I really need time to prepare for the change. Class action anyone? ...Applied for Fidelity Amex (2% card) but Amex is not accepted as frequently as MC/Visa, so I am also applying for Sallie May 2% Visa (they will mail you checks). Program is a little less convenient than Schwab, but it will do the trick where Amex is not accepted.

Same situation with me. They switched the access and I can not access my current or previous statements. Do not know what will happen to the autopay. I can see a class action written all over this if bofa/fia do not get their act together soon.

we have to very careful if we are decided to open a BOA checking/savings account.

Has anyone got there new card yet? When I called Sunday they claimed it was mailed on Friday, but called today and said it was mailed Monday, so who knows. I just want to be able to login to my account! I don't think I will be staying with BoA very long. I didn't like talking to a foreigner about my account either!

I also have lost all online access to the account information for my existing card. I can log in but "there are no cards registered under this account." I was told by phone that there will be no way for me to access my statement information online until a new card is issued some time between now and December. Meanwhile, they have agreed to send me some paper statements. It was quite a wake-up to realize how frightening it is suddenly not to be able to see one's credit card information online, particularly since I had fallen a few months behind in downloading and archiving old statements as PDFs -- oops.

This is ridiculous and reckless switching the cards with out a plan and any consideration for the cardholders. My schwab card was my primary card. I am going to cancel the new bofa card as soon as I recieve it, get access to my statement and pay for it.

I also can't access my account at FIA. Did not receive the replacement BOA cc. I had set up autopay but that won't work anymore. Tried to call BOA Sunday night but their computer systems were down and was told to call back on Monday. Today I've been trying to call. Have been on hold for over 1 hour.... What a mess!!!!!!

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