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October 07, 2011


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I think that is a cool opportunity for someone. I can't go, but it sounds like fun!

Can't go unfortunately. Kudos for supporting what sounds like a great cause!

I'de love to go but Nashville is a fair ways from Austin, TX.


Aw man, I wish I was living in Nashville. I'd love to meet you. But, I'm stuck thousands of miles away, so I can't go. :(


MICHAEL W. SMITH.....OMG.... *cheers*

BD --


Wow, a chance to meet a real celebrity in the flesh! Unfortunately, Nashville is a long ways from Seattle, so no-can-do. Bummer.

I would love to meet someone famous! And Jeff Foxworthy too!

I'm in the same boat as the rest, but it sounds like a great event!

Wish I lived in Nashville - I'm in Phoenix!

I live in Huntsville, AL, and I get up to Nashville every month or so - but not on weeknights.

Plus, from the sounds of the event, it seems like it would appeal more to religious folks, anyway.

Sounds like a great event. Have fun!

Wished I could attend...I'm in the northeast. Thanks and enjoy the entertainment!

Sounds like a great evening and I would love to go, but I live in Michigan! :)

Wish I could go, but I'm in San Francisco. It would be really fun to meet you!

Huh - I was just in Nashville in late Sept! Lovely town ...

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