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October 06, 2011


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How do you announce the winners?

I'd like to win

The books look interesting so I registered. I hope I will win this time. :)

T Man --

1. You sign up for the newsletter.

2. I email all newsletter subscribers and tell them where they can sign up to win (it's a hidden post, known only to newsletter subscribers). FYI, it is NOT this post, so those signing up here are NOT signed up for a chance to win.

3. You sign up by leaving a comment.

4. A couple weeks later, I announce the winner on that post and email him/her as well (this is why you need to leave your correct email address. FYI, it's not visible to the public.)

5. I get his/her contact info.

6. I mail him/her the prize.

wonderfull,wonderfull site lots of learning to be done here....need some books bad,,thanks for a great place to learn

The books sound great! Fingers crossed!

I really need those books. Thank you.

I hope win. I love reading books on finance.

The Clark Howard book has been on my list.

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