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October 24, 2011


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11 times which pay? Gross or net? I only bring home about half of my gross so big difference. Also no consideration of an indpendent pension income source in addition to SS.

I agree with FMF, figure living expenses and then see if your pension and/or SS and/or investment income will cover them and for how long. That's real.

This is idiotic. Another reporter who make vast generalities< I was making (gross) 150k /year. Out of that I paid house payments which I don't have now, all sorts of insurace which I don't need not and contributed to 401K and Social security, none of which apply. Still think IO need 1,650,000 for retirement? I don't think so since I now have no expenses other than monthly with some extras like a vacation now and then. Your article is CRAP.

The future healthcare costs will be a wild card for most people. The costs are out of control and benefits will likely change in the future.

I have a retirement healthcare benefit from my employer, but like social security, I am not counting on getting the full benefits.

I look at all the categories and consider what a worst case scenario could be and then plan on how I will be prepared to handle each one.

@bob cratchett.
Most rules of thumb are crap. You need to work the numbers for yourself and apply it to your situation.

The tell us what "expert" person is saying by punch holes in it. If you feel comfortable at where you are then you have succeded in thinking it through.

People spend more time planning the family vacation then they do their retirement.

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