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October 17, 2011


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1. Already do - in fact, even for our anniversary we made a special dinner at home, with a nice bottle of wine, for far less than going out.

2. If you don't plan a menu, do keep in mind what you need regularly. For example, for us, we almost always need chicken breast, ground turkey, salad, salsa and shredded cheese. Don't forget to add, don't go hungry.

3. My kids are past this stage so not an issue.

4. Love to get a new cell phone plan. Pay as you go isn't an option for us as teens live by text and we got rid of our land line. But right now it would cost me $800 to move our lines to the lower cost plan - and the lower cost plan doesn't include upgrades on phones int the future. Not enough savings to make it worth it. I'm keeping an eye out to see if some other provider will pay the migration fees.

5. LOVE the library! Ours also has all kinds of free programs, e-books, books on disk, even boxes of age appropriate toys/books/activities for parents to check out!

6. Don't forget to also check the "Free" ads and Craig's list for goods.

7. Yep. Tastier too most of the time.

8. Couponing - Mixed feelings on this. Good idea, but around only one store doubles coupons and that one is consistently 10%-15% higher than everyone else. We also don't eat much processed food, so hard to find coupons for what we actually use. Also, a lot of places are making it harder to use them - our Walgreens, for example, won't let you go back through the line a couple of times to stock up.

Saving money is easier then we think it is. If you went out to dinner with your spouse twice a week, the bills for the 2 dinners would probbaly come close to actually paying your food bill for the entire week. Its easy to go out to dinner and have a drink or 2 and the bill be over $50. I rather cook dinner at home and I know whos cooking it and what I am cooking it with. Many restaurants love to soak their chicken or beef in oil to make it flavorful.

My biggest flaw is trying not to buy drinks at convenient stores and drink water instead. I can't believe how much bottled sodas have went up in price. I live in Delaware and on average bottle sodas are around $1.64 a bottle. This is ridiculous for a bottle drink but I still spend the money on it.

I believe what is worse is actually spending $3.00-$5.00 on a cup of coffee. I am glad I am not a coffee enthusiast.

Great article!

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