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October 12, 2011


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I use both Fred Meyer gas points (10c off per gallon) and PenFed gas card that gives me 5% off at the pump. Fred Meyer gas points are redeemable at Shell gas station and I have one close to where I live and where I work. So it works great for me without me. By first swiping Fred Meyer's reward card and then paying with PenFed card, I get both 10c off and 5% cash back (as statement credit).

It's 5% rather than 6%, but I don't have an Amex Blue Cash card nor do I need one as I do not buy that much groceries to make it worthwhile for me to pay the annual fee. Furthermore, this 10c off program has no end date (so far).

I meant to say in my previous post: "So it works great for me without me having to have an Amex Blue cash card that has annual fee".

HEB had a similar deal a couple months ago.

I have to try a Walmart Grocery store.

My local (small) Walmart is considered a Supercenter! With my Mastercard, it showed up as a grocery store.

We have been taking advantage of such a plan for a while, and just bettered it by using the Amex preferred blue card based on info learned at FMF. Our grocery store chain, Giant Eagle, has a gas station chain (Get&Go) which they own. For every $50 spent at the grocery store, you get 0.20C off per gallon of gas bought at the station. AND, for every 10 gallons of gas bought at the station, you get 1% off your grocery bill. This is a great deal. And now with the Amex Blue, we get an additional 6% and 3% credit respectively. The savings really add up, since we have 5 drivers in our household all using these various programs. Here is the link:

sorry.. just noticed a typo in the above's 10C off per $50 spend, not 20c. Still a great deal :)

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