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October 09, 2011


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Agree. Of course. :)

BTW, for anyone who hasn't yet, I recommend clicking through to the WSJ article and reading/skimming it. They give some good examples of why this matters.


Seems pretty obvious, yes. Lots of businesses, from grocery stores to web properties, cater to the religious requirements of their clientele. Why not financial planners?

I don't think this is what people have in mind when they object to "mixing religion and business".

Well said FMF.


I agree with you. How people save, spend and give is linked to their personal values, which for many are informed by their faith.

Agree. I also think it's laughable when people say that a presidential candidate's faith is irrelevant. If the faith is genuine - whether in Christ as in Christianity or in mankind as in humanism - it will evidence itself in that candidate's views and life.

I don't think its wrong to express your religious views. I do believe its wrong sometimes when someone tries to use their religion to gain trust of others. " you can trust me to take good care of your money, I'm a christian" How many folks have been ripped off by the "good christian". The problem with mixing religion and business is that most con men are well aware that they can gain trust by playing on your religious views. Thats what you have to watch for.

I would have to agree. How can you separate the person from their beliefs?

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