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October 14, 2011


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I love SmartyPig, Have been using them pretty much since they started. met at least 6 goals so far.

Thanks for the opportunity to try SmartyPig! I've read about them here and elsewhere, but never took the steps of opening an account...yet!



Of course I'd love to win. Thank you for the opportunity.



Thank you!

Count me in for Smarty Pig goal monies.


I have keep reading about your give aways and have wondered how could I apply. This is the first email I have ever got to apply for a contest. Thank you for your FMF emails, they are very imformative and appreciated!


I'm in! Thanks!


Big fan of SmartyPig here. I was a little concerned about the sale to Compass, but all seems well so far...and they're one of the few remaining banks still paying over 1% on "normal" savings (knocks on nearest wood, loudly :-) ).

Thank you!

great giveaway! Thanks


Great giveaway!

smarty pig!

Here we go again! Fingers crossed!

Thank you

Good luck all! Finger crossed :)

Would love a Smarty Pig card!

This is my month.


I'm interested!


Yes, please!

I'd love to win!

Thanks for the great site.


A great way to save for targeted goals. Thanks for the opportunity!

Never used Smarty Pig before, but I hope I get it ~

Enter me! Thank you!

I would help pay off my student loans with this!


This would really help me reach my goals! Thanks!

Excellent blog.

Been using Smarty Pig for a few months now and love it!


Thank you for the opportunity.



I like smartypig and learned about here.

I am interested in checking out Smarty Pig, but I like things too streamlined to open another account. This would be the perfect way to check it out- thanks!

I gotta win one of these eventually!

Free fifty! I'm in.

I'm definitely in!

Thanks for the offer.


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