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November 07, 2011


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One item not on the list is that in California you can pay the annual license fee on your automobiles by credit card. Property tax payments however may not be paid by CC, at least in our county.

The $601 per week figure would assume that you put anything/everything on a card. I assume they exclude mortgage or rent and car purchases but probably add up all other spending. An average family does spend about $48k a year so putting $32k of that on a card is maybe feasible but not so realistic.

Not every merchant allows credit cards. None of my utilities take cards for payment. I haven't seen any tax payments that take cards or if they do they charge a hefty fee to do so.

the IRS will ding you for paying with a CC. they call it a convenience fee :)


One charity we donate quite a bit to is Food for the Poor. It seems to be a good charity and only 3.19% goes to administration costs.

My donation is autopayed from my credit card every month. I have it coming out of Chase Freedom now as one of the 5% categories is charities.

Capital One has a no hassel giving site that uses the network for good and 100% goes to the charity. So I run the foodbank and Heifer Int through there. I alao get 3% back through my capital one so its a sweer deal for everyone.

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