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November 09, 2011


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Well it sort of seems like a rule, the bigger the corporation, the worse the customer service.

I have the FIA/"Schwab" card as well. I have not received the BoA card that is to replace it and can still use the FIA card but yesterday I wanted to check my balance and I am not able to under the FIA web site. I do not recall any word from BoA on online access. When I have the time to deal with the phone calls this will necessiate I will deal with it. Let's just say there is a lack of warm fuzzies towards BoA on my part.

I noticed over the weekend that FIA had cut off online access to the Schwab Visa. So I can no longer check balances, download statements, view virtual account numbers or check reward status. I had hoped to be able to view these even though the account was inactive.

I consider this as a warning for anyone who gives up paper statements...if the account is closed, for whatever reason, the access will not be either download the statements in a timely manner, or go without. Luckily, I was up to date through the last statement, but won't see the online statements for activity thereafter.

When I called FIA to inquire (i.e. to complain), the rep was more than willing to give me some of that info over the phone, but I don't think that's enough. He really didn't have a clue as to how much, if any, of the old information would be transfered to the new BofA account. He thought, but wasn't sure, that the transactions since the last statement would be available on the BofA website. The rep sounded pretty weary, as he said there were many unhappy customers calling.

I still haven't received the BofA card. but I won't use it when it arrives. However, I probably won't cancel it either as I will take a wait and see attitude.

I'm just glad this is not my only credit card. I'd be really p*'d right now it I didn't have backup cards.

I think the Schwab Visa has some issues w/card info being stolen. I think I have been issued three new cards over the last two years for this.

Almost a rookie mistake there FMF!

Anytime you go to cancel a service or card with rewards connected to it cash out those rewards before you initiate the cancellation. Most of the rewards programs have that little caveat that account cancellation leads to rewards forfeiture.

I have both a Fidelity Investment Rewards MasterCard and a Fidelity Retirement Rewards AMEX card and FIA Card Services is the intermediary that handle all of the paperwork and online and telephone contact for both. I also wouldn't have a clue who else to contact if I wanted to cancel either of them and have been given no other websites or phone numbers.

On the other hand for our COSTCO/AMEX card we deal directly with AMEX. Likewise I use an Amazon/Chase VISA card for purchases at Amazon and with it we would deal directly with Chase.

Like KaseyD, I also found the "Schwab" card access unavailable on the FIA website, so I called the number on the back of the card last night. The auto-robot will tell you your 99 most recent transactions if you key in the card number. The human who then took my call told me the BOA replacement card was "ordered yesterday" and should arrive in 5-7 days.

I'm not chasing after any of the other VISA cards paying 2% across-the-board as many of my transactions are getting back at least that much using other cards. I'm especially fond of the 6% Amex Blue grocery deal and, contrary to my initial reaction, am making good use of gift cards bought at the grocery store for everything from hotel stays to home improvement purchases.

It's only a matter of time before the few remaining 2% programs are down to 1%. When does that happen? I'd say about a year after they're bombarded with (former Schwab) freeloaders who jump onboard only for the rebate and don't generate the type of "real" business the card sponsor needs to cover the cost of the extra rebate.

I'll suck it up and gladly take 1% when I have to, it's just not worth the effort to switch only to have my rebate heart broken again.

Yeah, given my "Schwab" card payment is due on the 17th, I'd *really* like to be able to go online somewhere and pay it.

They shut off access 1 day after the statement date. I was lucky got my statement online, paid it and was done with them. I used the phone system to make sure it was paid and the ballance was 0 and then I had a rep close the card. They paid all outstanding rewards on Nov 1. (I checked and I got it all). When the BofA card shows up I will cancel it and be done with BofA/FIA.

Using Amex Blue Cash and the Chase Freedom now.

FMF - this is part of the pain of jumping from card to card to card to chase after a marginally better reward each time. I don't think it's worth the time investment.

Brad --

I didn't jump anywhere -- they canceled the card (that I had used for years and would have kept using) and replaced it with one I didn't want.

Some of you sound like "occupy Wallstreet crowd". Yep, cancel those 2% cash back cards. That will teach those big corporations. Then let me know how much luck you have finding another card that pays 2% on every purchase. And please don't borer us with the 3 & 5% rates for groceries or gas.

I called FIA and was told they mailed out the BoA cards on Thursday Nov 10. They said it should arrive this upcoming week. Hopefully it does because I have to pay the bill!

FMF - I was going by the first words of the blog entry: "In my last credit card change update ..."

Had you been with Citi all along, you wouldn't have had to worry about FIA Services and BofA messing with you like it sounds like they have.

I guess the broader point is, with respect to credit card companies, the broader net you cast, the more likely you are to find one that does stuff like this.


I just got my BoA replacement card in the mail today. Be on the lookout for yours everyone!

Thank you for that information Eric! I will look for it.

I was able to call FIA and pay it through their online format.

Eric --

Thanks for the heads-up! I'll look for mine.

ill probably be switching to the capitol one card... its 1% back, then at the end of the year you get 50% of that.i guess 1.5% is pretty close to 2% ( plus they have a $100 bonus going right now).

on the new boa card i noticed its 2% on groceries.... but buried in the fine print is that its only at "certain stores"... so being a synic ill assume they change the acceptable stores every so often....

but i did find out the card only covers groceries at mcc codes 5411, 5422,5441, 5451, 5462, 5499) and my store publix in florida is one. for gas it covers mcc codes 5541 and 5542... which includes shell, sunoco, exxon where i primarily get gas.. so maybe ill try it for awhile and see how it goes.

That is what I am searching for!! Where do I find which grocery stores and gas stations are included?? Thanks --Janice

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