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November 25, 2011


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It is hard to quantify. I went to the black friday sale and bought a $70 coffee maker for $40 that both me and my wife will use. I bought a small 19" TV $170 for $78 that we will both use. I know my wife will buy herself something small that I got her and she will buy something for me. Total it all up and it might get just over $150.

The kids are now at the stage where money is the best.

I feel that we are really not the norm.

Matt --

I think money is the best option this year for our kids too...

I spent $30 on clothing for myself and will spend about $200 on clothing for my spouse. I count it as Christmas shopping, but I always buy things I would have definitely bought otherwise. Everyone else in the family will get money, as I hate gift cards.

I bought myself a new router since it was on sale and I have been needing one for awhile. I will wrap it up so I will have something under the tree from 'santa'. I would have bought one anyway, but the Christmas sale just gave me the reason to purchase now.

I bought a food processor for $30.00

I give money to my kids as they live so far away and I don't really know all the family preferences. For myself, I will probably buy an exercise bike from Walmart. I just finished cardio rehab at a local hospital and I need a way to keep exercising that I know I will follow through with.

My total for Christmas will be less than $400 for 7 people, counting me. I have also signed up for the Master Card bonus. Between Amazon and Walmart, I should be okay.

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