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November 29, 2011


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I think I may switch to Chase Sapphire and get rid of my Capital One Visa. I like that competition is growing amongst the credit card companies to offer better rewards. Finally a benefit for consumers! (Especially those that pay off their balance every month.)

However I am still loyal to American Express Blue Cash and only use Visa where Amex is not accepted.

My one year anniversary with this card is quickly approaching, which means I'll be getting hit with that annual fee. Has anyone had any success getting Chase to waive the annual fee for the second year?

i signed up for this when they were offering the $500 promotion. this card is well worth applying for. customer service has been stellar - i too loved the fact that a real person helped me activate it.

I love the metal card, but after getting the 500 bucks, I couldn't really justify keeping it. I have to say this has been the only time I felt a little sad cancelling a credit card.
@Brian-Let us know if you succeed in getting your second year fee waive. I might have to sign up again.

Another reason to like it -- it now transfer points 1:1 into United Mileage Plus -- the program of the combined United and Continental.

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