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November 16, 2011


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I think there is a reason they call it a convenience at a drug store store. When Jimmy or Joan need medicine and by the way the family needs a loaf of bread or gallon of milk at 10:00 pm it is just convenient to pick it up along with the medicine instead of at a grocery.

I've done pretty good with getting hygiene items and baby items (formula mainly) from CVS. A few times I have gotten "paid" to buy toothpaste/toothbrushes...Example: Toothpaste on sale for $1.50, I got a coupon for $1.00, and with the loyalty card I got a $1.00 receipt coupon for a future trip--came out $0.50 ahead.

Plus, if you buy a green card ($1) with your loyalty card, if you use a reusable bag they scan it and after every 4th trip you get a $1 receipt coupon. Also with CVS if you have a loyalty card almost every week you get an email with a special offer like so much off with a $20 purchase.

I don't do a ton of shopping there but when I do have coupons I try to get over there.

We get a whole bunch of Ad inserts delivered every Tuesday with our newspaper. My wife goes over them in detail and makes a note of all of the "Specials". Sometimes even the drugstore has some canned goods that are at giveway prices and the three supermarkets near us are in strong competition. I installed a lot of cupboards in the garage to keep non-perishable items that my wife picks up when they are dirt cheap compared with the regular price. Our local drugstore used to be "Longs" but unfortunately CVS bought out the whole chain and we don't like all the gimmicks they use to entice customers so we now primarily use Rite-Aid and Walgreens.

Are you taking that candy into the theatre? Where I come from, that's unethical...

Stacey ... I hate to say it, but many consumers don't care about what's 'unethical' when it comes to movie candy mark-up! We refuse to pay the ridiculously high cost so we just don't go.

Stacey and Holly --

If you're interested, we discussed this topic in detail a few years ago:

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