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November 07, 2011


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Gas all the time, some electronics, The others I have not really looked into.

We save big with Ameriprise through Costsco. It cut our premiums down in half and we have more coverage than we did before.

Now that we have an American Express card (as an offshoot of our Citi Dividends cashback card), we just started buying gas at Costco. We will probably only get 25-30% of our gas there, as it's not worth it to go out of the way so it'll only happen when we do a 'regular' shopping trip, but that will still help somewhat in savings and in cashback rewards.

Definitely gas! I use gift cards at Wal-Mart or find a friend with a Sam's Club card to save some money. I bought my laptop and printer from Sam's Club. They had the best deals on electronics at the time. Other than that I haven't ever looked into anything else.

The problem I have with purchasing gas at Costco is the cost of my own time. On average, gas is approximately $0.05 per gallon cheaper. My car holds 15 gallons, but a usual fillup is about 12-13 gallons. That's a saving of $0.65, with a maximum of $0.75. Now, while I don't know what the lines are like at the Costcos near you, the one near me takes approximately 20-30 minutes to fill up. Is 30 minutes of my day really worth saving $0.75?

On the other hand, if I go to my regular station, my fillups usually run in the vicinity of $55.00. If I use my cash back credit card, 1% back would give me $0.55.

When you factor in time and overall savings, IMO, filling up elsewhere is the better way to go!

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