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December 21, 2011


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Yes, especially for my 3 teenage boys and for gift exchanges.

My students have been raining gift cards on me this year which I have been extremely thankful for. :)

All gift cards. I find it to be easier (for me) and better (for them) as long as it's a store where I know the person shops or a place they go.

I make sure to check for fees and try and buy them at places that don't look to be going out of business, but it's hard to tell these days.

Definitely hitting the gift cards - to me they make sense for kid's teachers, day care providers, mail people, garbage people, boss, etc.

My wife asked for one, but I can't pull the trigger on that though - just doesn't seem like Christmas to me.

Beware of gift card fraud.

Stores who put gift cards out in a case where you pick one and hand to them to have them "load" the money on it can be hacked.

Here is how it works. Someone grabs an entire handful of them and goes somewhere else in the store. Many have identifying information on the cards that can be used online. They record all that information. Many times they can even get notified when one of those cards is loaded. Then they go and spend the money using those identifying codes before the recipient gets a chance to and when you go to use it, it's empty.

It's happening. Ask for a card from behind the counter.

Or use Benjamin's. They can't be hacked. Are accepted everywhere. Have no fees. Never expire. Who doesn't like a good Benjamin?

I'm going to have to use that joke some time!

Had no idea your kids read this site. Do they like the PF aspect? Or are they just trying to assess how rich dad is? :-)

Eric --

I think they like spying on me. :)

I don't like giving gift cards because it feels like i'm just trading money with a family member; they give me a gift card, and I give one back to them. I'd rather we agree beforehand just to save the hassle and avoid giving gifts to each other. For people who are not close, though, gift cards make a lot more sense.

I'm buying one gift card this year. One for my sister in law to her favorite store.

Usually I do for Christmas...but I'm not this year...not for any reason other than I got gifts for everyone. For work I did buy three gift cards to send out to families in need.

We did just receive a gift card for our daughter from her godfather who lives in MI (we're in MN).

I'm with the 20%. I'd rather take cash than a gift card. The gift card just sit around forever and that's why the retailers love them.

Absolutely, yes. My parents are having very difficult financial times, but won't curtail their addiction to eating out several times per week. My sister and I have taken to getting them restaurant gift cards as gifts as our way of helping without them feeling like they're accepting charity.
Aside from that - all 3 of my kids are getting some gift small gift cards too.

Gift cards are perfect for my staff. 4 @ $25 (Visa) and 11 @ $15 (MacDonald's). That's the extent of my gift carding. Cash to barber, newspaper deliver, trash pickup guy (nice kid) and postal carrier. Real presents to everybody else.

Nope--I hate gift cards. I don't like them cluttering up my wallet and nagging me to take a special trip & browse in a store that I normally would never set foot in. And they tend to expire, get lost, etc. ugh.

For example, I have a Caribou Coffee gift card in my wallet right now that I'll probably never spend. I haven't bought anything at a Caribou Coffee for at least 5 years, and that was on vacation. I have never even seen one of their stores in my home town. Maybe there's one in the mall, where I never go? Yeah I could google it but why should I waste my time trying to find the place and then drive there to get something I don't want? Gee thanks, nameless work colleague, for the thoughtful gesture of giving me this totally useless card! Next time just toss a donut or a chocolate bar on my desk, OK?

I just buy people actual gifts from national chains (Target)--if they don't like them, they can return the gift for cash/store credit.

Giving gift cards for our Holiday Family Sponsorship. Since we don't know the family, we figure they might like to pick out their own clothes. We also give a decent sized card to a local grocery store to help our when times are tougher.

Gave cash cards to a few people to help them pay whatever they need help with.

Also giving some to my brother, only because we exchanged old monitors at a store we never buy anything at and they give you gift cards for them.

I do use gift cards as part of my Christmas gift giving. My grown sons are electricians and they like gift cards from Lowes or Home Depot.

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