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December 10, 2011


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that reitrement calculator is worthless. it doesn't alllow you to put in pensions or anything - doesn't allow you to set the age you begin drawing social security - not really any options. too bad someone with a good retirement planner doesn't pay you for the link.

I do the Starbucks thing. I get a ton of Starbucks cards twice a year from parents of my students. I can put them all in the app and not have to carry around the cards.I can also pay at the store with my iPhone, and then my balance auto-updates. I'm a "gold level" member and so I get free refills, free soymilk, syrup and other stuff, plus a free drink every 15 purchases. I don't think I've paid for a Starbucks in about 5 years :)

The Starbucks cards are awesome. My wife and I drink Copious amount of coffee and although we brew at home 5 days a week, we hit Starbucks about 2-3 times a week between us. I almost always get a grande (160z) coffee (1.95). My wife varies her orders and often gets specialty espresso drinks which range from 2.50-3.00 a pop. I originally registered gift cards my wife and I rec'd as gifts, I earned enough points to become a gold card member and now it is the only card I carry. You can even transfer balances from other gift cards should you rec any as a gift. The fact that you can get another card sent to you to replace a lost or stolen card is cool too. They even have a QR app for smartphones is you prefer not to carry a card. I still use my plastic card though. I get any drink for free for every 15 purchases, free upgrades (soy, half and half, syrups etc) and get a free drink on my Bday. Also get free coffee whenever you buy beans or ground.

The retirement planner is nothing more than the rules of thumb type which are not that good.

If you are a poor gardener you are all thumbs.

Ditto with the retirement planner.

Before you get someone a Starbucks card be sure they actually like their coffee. I got one for my son only to find out he loves Dunkin Donuts coffee much, much better.

Kayak is a great site.

Just remember to clean out your cache before you search it otherwise it may give you the same stuff it provided you the last time you searched (this may happen if you repeatedly check to see if a particular set of fares have come down).

Also, some airlines (like southwest) are not on kayak and need to be searched separately.

Thanks for the mention on the retirement calculator. Much appreciated!

Hopefully Karen (above) finds it more to her liking. I had it custom programmed for the very reasons she stated.

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