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December 27, 2011


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Yes, I regift.

I regifted a personal finance book to my brother, after I read it of course. I think since I got my use out of it, its kind of thoughtful and it makes for a platform for further discussion when he reads it.

Well, there's a certain fruit cake thats been re-gifted for years in my family...just kidding. Actually, I think its okay to re-gift, especially when you know of someone that could use the item more than you could.

I don't re-gift for the sake of getting rid of something that I don't like. I have to be pretty sure that they would like the gift.

This year I re-gifted one item. It was an appetizer type platter that I received through the gift exchange at work. I can't use it mainly because I can't host any sort of get-together where I live since parking spaces are worth more than gold. So I re-gifted it to my aunt and uncle who do host parties quite often, they loved it!

Regifting is perfect for holiday office parties. What a great way to get rid of something you don't want and won't use. Why go out and buy something for 15 or 20 dollars when you can use something you already have lying around?

I'm in favor of gift swap parties. Bring what you don't want & take home something you do want.

I just regifted a gift card. We live too far from the store in question to make it practical to go there much. I gave it to my sister cause I know she goes there all the time.

I would certainly regift some things. If I know someone else would want it more than me then it seems fine to me to regift.

I used to regift all the time, and I'm certainly in favor of the practice.

But I've effectively trained anyone interested in giving me gifts and now don't receive much that isn't 100% utilitarian. Basically my folks and inlaws know it's going straight to Goodwill if I can't serve it to guests, so the candy dishes, body lotions & sweaters have stopped. Now it's chocolate covered pretzels or a bottle of wine or often just the pleasure of their company.

I only give things that can't be regifted easily -- like dinner and a concert or play (with me as hostess) or a coupon for an hour of yardwork. That physical stuff all looks like land-fill to me, even when sitting on store shelves.

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