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December 07, 2011


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I'm not sure there's much of a trick other than when you redeem 10 cents off a gallon it's really only an additional 7 cents per gallon as you get 3 cents off with the plus card anyway. I know on my car I usually fill up about 15 gallons, so effectively I save less than $1 when I redeem a 10 cent savings. They now let you redeem multiples of that 10 cent savings, so if you buy $100 gift card, I'd effectively get 37 cents savings * 15 gallons = $5.55 savings. That's a nice savings and might incent me to buy gift cards at Kroger over somewhere else but I buy all my gas at Kroger anyway. Adding in your purchase on your reward card would net you another 6% in cash back, so effectively after this is all said and done it's like buying a $100 card for $88. That's nice, but not what I'd call HUGE.


Great strategy. Kroger currently has a $1.00 limit I believe on gas savings per gallon, and its a use it or lose it after 1 full month past the end of the month the points were earned in (but that usually isn't a problem with gas).

$12 savings on $100 is nothing to sneeze at, especially for not buying anything more than you normally would. It all adds up.

We have Smith's where I live - but it is really Kroger's. My mechanic said I should never use this gas. I will pay the price later. They see a lot of engine problems caused by the very cheap gas.


Ever since they started adding ethanol to gas it causes all kinds of problems, especially in smaller engines. I have no reason to believe Kroger's gas is any worse than any other gas station after using it for years.

Kroger runs this 4x points promotion at least a few times a year. The comment above about using it or losing it is the biggest limiting factor. That said, I am all about getting cash back so why not take the 6%.

@Karen, gas is a commodity. I live near a pipeline terminal, and I see the tankers come and go. Certain trucking companies deliver to each branded gas station, but all of the gas in our area comes from the same pipeline. Maybe your mechanic owns a rival gas station. ;)

Kroger reasently changed banks that issue thier cards and my new card for some reason wont work at Wal Mart. They have to type the # in every time.

I use this strategy - especially during the 4x promotions. We always use the points since one of our two cars always needs gas. It's easier to make sure, as others have noted, with the up to $1 per gallon capability. One other note is that points earned can be used at Shell stations (at least down South) for 10 cents per gallon savings. Note, too, that the card works at all Kroger-related stations. When we were on vacation this summer, we got gas at some small convenience stores in Kansas and earned the savings.

Our Safeway has been running this promotion. I combined it with an offer they had around Thanskagiving where you recevied a $15 Catalina if you spent $100 on certain gift cards. I did two of the transactions and saved $.80/gallon on a fill up. Then I did another two transactions and saved $.90/gallon this week. I also essentially received $60 worth of groceries for free (the $15 Catalineas had to be used within one week and you can only use one per transaction, but worth it to me).

Unfortunately, my Krogers shows up on Amex as "gas/fuel" so I only get the 3% cash back, regardless of whether I am purchasing groceries or gas. I've inquired why this is (and if it can somehow be changed) but haven't ever gotten a response.

Anyone else ever dealt with this?

I have been buying Kroger gift card with my Blue plus card. It shows up a groceries. I use it to buy gas. I then get 18 cents off a gallon, plus the cost of the gift card goes toward points which gets you even more off your gas. $100 get you 10 cents off. Best deal going that I have seen.

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