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December 30, 2011


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I think this post is a good idea and you should do it more often. There's often a lot of insight in the comments!

In my opinion, buying a home is one of the top 3 most important adult decisions pertaining to finance. This choice can and will effect an individuals or families financial standings.

I found the points made in this post to be right on par with what I've learned in my 7 years of financial experience. As a past loan officer, I can offer a very important suggestion. When purchasing a home, bring in a CPA who has passed the uniform CPA exam as they can shed some very useful light on best practices for buying a home.

They have the financial know how to make sure you A) don't over extend your funds and B) set up your monthly payment schedule and payment amounts to accrue in a manner that benefits your amortization schedule, and not the banks commission from interest.

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