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December 06, 2011


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I have resold a lot on Amazon, and that rating matters so much. I know I sold many items at a higher price than others just because my rating was 100 percent. (Just supporting your customer service comment.)

Education is also huge, and dealing only in what you know. Some people try to sell everything, yet only truly know about certain items. They spend a bunch of money on inventory without realizing they will only lose money or break even. In their head it looked like a great deal, but when it came time to actually sell, it was a different story.

Great post.

This is some good advice.

I did some reselling of textbooks in college, and I'm sure I could resell quite a few things in my house, especially my clothes. Great advice!

One more endorsement of the importance of excellent customer service. It is the best long term investment of time, money, and effort and pays off big over time.

I like the "start slow" idea. I've seen too many businesses lose their shirts because they jumped headfirst into an untested idea. It's better to be patient, start small, minimize your risk, do a test batch, and see what happens. You'll learn a lot about your product and the market from those tests.

I started my resell business about a year ago while i was still working part time and it grew into my full income. i now make anywhere from 5-7k a month and only work part time.
here are my .02$ tips

1. find a nitch - for it it was projectors was able to buy them cheap at auction or ebay and resell them on Craigslist making around $200 profit each sell & 2k a month.

2. expand - it can be a little nerve racking to spend $500-$2000 on something you really aren't sure what it is but do you RESEARCH that item could sell for 3-10k. Call the manufacture, look up completed items on ebay. It took me awhile to "grow a pair" and spend more money than i really had but it always pays off in the end. Try Lab equipment, industrial and maybe scientific but that can be hard to sell.

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