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December 20, 2011


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I vote for Rent or Buy. It's timeless, always relevant and provides a downloadable tool.

I like The Complete Guide To Building Wealth In Two Sentences because it is the one article that contains every kind of tool or guideline to completely change one's life around. Ultimate reference in just one article.

I previously sent copies of "The Complete Guide To Building Wealth In Two Sentences" to some of my youngest friends hoping they could use it as a foundation for their financial well being.

I could not have said it better myself.

Too bad you couldn't have two categories for "best of 2011": one for folks just starting out with financial planning, and another for more experienced planners

My vote in the former category is for the financial self-appraisal article. There are many of that type of article floating around, especially this time of year, but that's the first such article I've seen which links the activities together, provides specific actions, and has links to further information, including easy to understand graphics which reinforce the actions.

For the more experienced folks, the retirement portfolio article gets my nod. It addresses a topic not often discussed (at least from my view): "What the heck do I do with this money now, and how do I keep from running out of money before I run out of time?" and provides insights not often considered.

Thanks to those of you who commented. I appreciate the feedback!

Do a financial self appraisal, because I like infographics. :-)

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