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January 05, 2012


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Re: #9 - There are boatloads of wineries and vineyards in the SW and NW portions of your fine state!

Jeff --

Really? I never would have known...

St. Juilian winery in Paw Paw, Lelenaue winery near Traverses City, Chateau Chantale on Old Mission peninsula...

Plus there are may cultural events offered at universities that are not too expensive.

You might want to check out Grand Vally State university and Western Michigan University.

Fred Meijers gardens in Grand Rapids.

Seek and you shall find.

#8 Rearrange the House

I'm going to rush home and suggest to my wife that instead of going to Hawaii we should just move the couch. ;)

If you live anywhere near the Chicago area, you HAVE to visit the Museum of Science and Industry there - absolutely amazing! At 4 hours away, it wasn't exactly a "Staycation" for us, but definitely worth the trip! Don't miss Shedd Aquarium either!

I think most of us would say that we have never visited most of the attractions near where we live. A lack of money is a great motivator to finally do it!

Tyler --

We did both of them in 2010 and LOVED them!!!!

To go along with Tyler's comment:

Taking a train somewhere can be quite a neat experience, and rather reasonable so long as you are not traveling a great distance. We traveled from Indianapolis to Chicago via Amtrak for less than $20/each last year, and was a great family trip! A hotel is a must, since the trains don't run the routes every day or when you necessarily want them to. But, if you're traveling to a place with established mass transit systems--such as Chicago--you can pick up an economical 'day pass' which will negate any need of a rental vehicle, so that's a cost savings (I think the passes were $5 or so).

We visited the Museum of Science and Industry, as well as the Shedd Aquarium, and I highly recommend it! Don't forget to check out the view at night from atop the John Hancock building! :)

Luke --

We took the train to Chicago as well. Saved us the hassle of driving into the city and also saved on parking at the hotel and at attractions.

The biggest problem I've seen with 'staycations' is that you don't take the same opportunity to relax and enjoy things as you would if you weren't at home. It's too easy to get involved with cleaning something or going somewhere or doing something for a family member, all worthwhile things in their own right but things you wouldn't be doing if you were 'away'.

#15 for FMF: Take a trip to Grand Haven and walk the beach/pier. It's only an hour's drive.

And eat Pronto Pups. And Dairy Treat. And a trip to Ray's or G&L Chili Dogs. :)

JP --

I've done the pier, but not the places to eat. Now I'm hungry... ;-)

Oh my gosh, FMF, our state ABOUNDS with wineries. I don't know your exact location, but I doubt you're more than an hour away from Fenn Valley Winery near Fennville. Our local favorite here on the east side is Sandhill Crane Vineyards near Jackson.

This web site is a great place to start exploring:

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